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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why Is The Star So Afraid

Why give a Blogger a break? Why recognize that Bloggers do more than what the Star's Craig Pearson suggested: "overall, bloggers rant."

The Star again did an Editorial on how to rejuvenate the downtown:

"City core
Revisit the idea of closing streets

In the afterglow of Red Bull, we'd like to see the city and Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association revisit the idea of closing Ouellette Avenue in the core, along with sections of cross streets on Chatham and University for the rest of the summer on weekends...

The end result was a people-friendly environment in the core that attracted all ages as well as families. Adding in temporary stages and live music only added to the atmosphere...

For the rest of the summer, though, let's start showcasing the core as a pedestrian mall. Let's take advantage of the (usually) good weather and create a drawing card to complement the summer's festival season on the waterfront."

DUH, why didn't the Star go on to say: "Just do Windsor Artsfest Weekends" as the BLOGMeister has already proposed. It clearly will work. But they did not [sigh].

I wrote about it here "The Answer To The Star's Question: Windsor Artsfest Weekends"

If you are interested, you can read my Presentation to the DWBIA here

I won't hold my breath waiting for a phone call from the City, the Star or especially the DWBIA.