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Friday, June 04, 2010

More On Windsor Politics

Some more random observations


Here is what he said last year about the 2008 race

  • "Last summer, downtown Windsor restaurants and bars did booming business the entire weekend, Francis says, adding that he expects businesses to do even better this time around since Windsor is the official host in 2009.

    "I know that some downtown businesses in the hospitality industry were able to pay off their lines of credit due to the amounts of money they took in during the three days of the race."

Here is what he said this year

  • "The economic impact on Windsor last summer was significant and promises to be greater this year.

    "I understand that many businesses in the downtown core did so well during the three-day weekend that they were able to pay off their bills from the rest of the year."

Were people happy about Red Bill coming in 2009:

  • "Francis said the timing of the 2009 Red Bull Air Race in Windsor could not be better.

    "Our residents are still riding the emotional high of the Windsor Spitfires winning the Memorial Cup and now the Red Bull Air Race is here to help kick off our festival season," he said. "This weekend is going to be another incredible time."

How about in 2010

  • "The timing of this year's event could not be better though. "Our residents are still riding the emotional high of the Windsor Spitfires winning their second consecutive Memorial Cup and now the Red Bull Air Race World Championship is here to help kick off our festival season," Francis says. "This weekend is going to be an incredible time."

Actually he may have one who knows how to boost numbers:

  • Star Editorial in June 2009---"Downtown literally came alive, with more than 220,000 people watching the aerial aerobatics on this side of the border...

    The 60 aircraft that arrived at Windsor Airport brought in VIPs and media from around the world."

  • Star June 2010--"Last year the race came at a time when CUPE workers with the city were on strike and we still had 300,000 people attend the races," [Francis] continues"

    "Last year, the city-owned airport had to turn away private planes after reaching 75."


I do not think that Dwight is very good with numbers. That may cost him in his next election fight if he is still Minister of Finance.

Last year he said

  • "Duncan said a half-billion people would watch Windsor's debut on television, live or on tape, with media from around the world covering Red Bull's first-ever Canadian stop."

Then he said:

  • "Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said..."Last year, the Windsor race attracted a viewership of over one billion people worldwide ... it's an enormous tourism marketing opportunity for this community," he said."

But the Mayor contradicted him and frankly makes one wonder why we paid almost $2M extra to get the race. Didn't Dwight get the ratings numbers first:

  • "The exposure, you can’t even begin to quantify,” said Mayor Eddie Francis, who said the races have a significant worldwide following, broadcast around the world.

    The 2009 Red Bull Air Race World Championship program was watched by 270 million television viewers in 183 countries, according to"

Except Dwight also said recently:

  • "Last year's event was not just an economic shot in the arm for Windsor," says Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Dwight Duncan, who made the announcement with Windsor-West MPP Sandra Pupatello and Mayor Eddie Francis. "The excitement of the race was plainly seen not only by the people of Windsor but also the hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world who tuned in to watch the race."

A billion viewers to a few hundred thousand. How much will that DRIC road really cost us!


Someone is doing some polling.

The only candidates being looked at in this poll were Edgar (aka Eddie) Francis, Bill Marra and John Millson.


Incredible. The Star is going all out to try and get Al Maghnieh elected with another big story on him. Why they think he is so important that a Star reporter was assigned to go "on a road test Monday" with him. Now that is clout.

Clearly, his Zalev ploy fell flat. His work for Dwight did not excite anyone. The Liberal pollsters must have obviously identified THE BIG #1 ISSUE OF THE CAMPAIGN for Al to exploit:

  • "Ward 10 candidate says Windsor traffic lights not in sync

    Instituting a citywide network of synchronized lights at intersections as part of an “intelligent traffic management system” to improve citywide vehicle flows could be had for under $2 million, said Magnieh, who consulted an information technology firm on the matter."

CUPE, taxes, economic development, jobs...forget it. Fix those traffic lights. I wonder if traffic line painting will be next.


I see he has decided to run for re-election again.

Is this truly what he thinks is important for his residents:

  • a multicultural museum as a west end attraction,

  • streetscaping for Wyandotte Street West, and

  • enhancing the Odette Sculpture Park.

Hmmmm, I would have thought that fixing up the Wyandotte West roadway first would be more important.

If so, it should be an interesting campaign between him and John Elliott.


  • "Federica Nazzani, President and CEO of Windsor International Airport [said] Thank you to our partner, WestJet, for choosing Windsor."

Doesn't that sound like a flight attendant at the end of a flight when the plane is coming in for a landing!

Will anyone ever tell us how much it is costing us in incentives to Westjet for this choice?


Poor Edgar. Someone needs to educate these Red Bull pilots. They are destroying Edgar's mind's eye vision of Windsor being a world city. They seem to like Windsor for being Windsor:

  • "It's exciting to race all over the world - I'll touch five continents this year - but I'm happiest to be back here in Canada," McLeod told The Windsor Star during a press junket in Windsor two weeks ago.

    "Last year was my rookie year and Windsor was special. The energy from the crowd and being Canadian - it was great," he continued.

    "It's a great host city. We go somewhere with populations of six million or 10 million and then you have this city with a couple hundred thousand. It's just as exciting for us to be here as one of those places. The big thing is how warm the welcome is and how excited the city is for the race and pilots."

  • "Perhaps there is no greater fan of the Windsor race than reigning Red Bull Air Race World Champion Paul Bonhomme of England. Bonhomme, who is also leading the series in 2010, won the Windsor race last year.

    "I love the Windsor race because of the friendly and fun atmosphere of Windsor itself. There is a sort of calm about the place with a underlying grin!...

    "I love the small-town atmosphere of Windsor... it's full of incredibly friendly folks who seem only to be concerned with the visitors having fun," he offered. "Meanwhile the town is able to arrange and host big events like the air race without any drama. It's like having the advantages of a big city and a small village but with none of the disadvantages."

Why even Edgar had to admit:

  • "And of course our local hospitality is second to none."

You see Edgar, it's OK to say you are from Windsor. You do not have to be ashamed.