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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dwight-Lite's Huge Faux-Pas

Jeff Gaudette has to be sitting in his Ward 10 campaign office laughing himself silly. A couple more misses like this and his opponent is toast!

Jeff does not have to do much as he watches Al Maghnieh self-destruct and on camera too. The irony is that he is doing it to himself as he was the one who asked to appear on the Star's Net News at Noon.

I guess every candidate in every Ward will be given the opportunity by the Star to appear on camera or is it favouritism, only given to the fellow who worked for Dwight Duncan for 7 years.

Why even Doug Schmidt knows "power" when he sees it as they drove around together counting red lights
  • "Such was the case the other day when Ward 10 hopeful Al Maghnieh came a-calling. Now, candidates bearing story ideas can be greeted with wariness, borderline pity/hostility — a news story is not the same as your opinion on something and some vote hunters can’t tell the difference. But Al did his homework (apprenticing under Dwight Duncan should at least have some benefits). After knocking on doors, he discovered a good hot-button issue that reverberated with each subsequent encounter with a potential voter."

DUH if this is what he learned under Dwight, then Al is going to have a tough time. You see, dear reader, Maghnieh blew it:


He is in favour of INCREASED taxes. Just like taxes must increase by several million dollars to fix some red lights.

He has no choice but to have earned the Dwight-lite name I bestowed on him as this clip points out graphically

And as far as the problem of taxes going up as property values decrease as Al talked about in the clip as well, do you have a clue what he said? He has NO answer whatsoever so why make it an issue.

Poor Al, people will now be wondering if they are voting for him or for Dwight. Does it mean he has to listen to what Dwight does on everything since he worked on so many issues for Dwight for 7 years. How many times will he have to declare a conflict? Does that mean his constituents will NOT be represented on many issues?

Now candidates need to take Schmidt with a grain of salt. He is setting you up. For a story that supposedly was one of the top-read, it only got a relatively few comments, one of which was a humdinger:

  • "Yep, traffic lights, that's the problem with Windsor.

    Thanks Al, you've directed Windsors plight into non-relative issues."

Someone must have been clicking on that story button to get the numbers up.

Don't listen to Doug is my advice:

  • "find news for the news hounds. Helps us fill empty space and broadcast time, helps you gain recognition that comes in handy for voters on election day...

    know how to use the media, and sometimes even the wonky stuff can grab the attention of a reporter, particularly during those approaching lazy, hazy days of summer when finding good, hard-hitting news is sometimes a challenge."

Sure and let them allow you to make a fool of yourself as Al did.

Some advice Jeff. In this case, do NOT ask for equal time. Just be quiet and watch how Dwight-Lite does it to himself again.