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Friday, June 04, 2010

Making It All Worthwhile

It is nice to feel appreciated every so often by a reader.

I know that I and my fellow Windsor "political" Bloggers work hard to make our BLOGs interesting, informative and as accurate as we can.

We present our opinions on the news of the day, quite often providing an alternative perspective to that of the traditional media.

The traditional media like to mock us, building straw men they can then cut down:
  • "Newspapers are done," cries the blogosphere. "Stick a fork in them. Buh-bye."

    Newspapers will change, true. But those who think bloggers will somehow fill in the gap for free in some imagined post-newspaper world seriously misunderstand the nature of news. Despite the many criticisms of mainstream media, the truth is: quality journalism costs to produce.

    Online commentators add to the media landscape. But overall, bloggers rant. Provide opinion. Even point out flaws in our system.

    But they do little original reporting, and less in-depth reporting.

    Some admirable bloggers conduct serious research, but you can't expect them or anyone else to report for free year after year."

No one wants to replace the traditional media. My BLOG depends on their reporting obviously. But people read the BLOGs because, increasingly, the media is becoming concentrated in the hands of a very few.

Analysis of the news these days...don't be silly. A columnist or two, an Editorial page in the paper, a minute or two "news commentary" on radio and on TV...a half an hour or an hour on Sunday mornings when no one watches anyway.

So when I receive a note like this from a reader, well I wanted to share it with you. It makes it all worthwhile to me personally because it is from a Mayor of an American City. He has given me permission to post it. I have removed any references to his identity for obvious reasons:

  • Dear Mr. Arditti:

    I have only communicated with you once before and I thank you again for providing me the site to learn who voted on what side of the issue regarding the DRIC in the Michigan House.

    I want to take this opportunity to compliment you on your observations and writings in your blog because I have been able to keep abreast of the controversy on a regular basis. Had it not been for your e-mailed blogs, the only resources for the information would be the local print media here in southeast Michigan that is mostly biased in their support of the DRIC.

    I will admit, at first I thought the idea was good to build the second span in the downriver proposed site of the DRIC, but I now see the merit in allowing the Ambassador Bridge Company to build their twin span at their cost and scrap the DRIC project. If the forecasted traffic numbers are inflated, as has been insinuated, then our Country and State have no business in getting involved in such an expensive and perhaps needless proposition.

    Although I believe Mr. Moroun to be a very charming and interesting individual, I really do not have any allegiance to him or personal gain expectation to cause me to take his side in this matter.

    You point out many discrepancies in the $550 million "gift" from Canada and the whole P3 legislation and I can only hope the Michigan Senate will ponder these issues thoroughly before rendering their decision and I believe that they will.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your view with those of us that receive your blogs."