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Friday, April 09, 2010

Is Edgar's Greenlink Compromise Mike Hurst's "Made In Windsor" Solution

It is almost too funny now. Edgar (aka Eddie) is turning into Mike Hurst.

Just listen to him give a speech . Quote often, the inflections in his voice are very similar to that of Hurst. Not only is he becoming and sounding like him, it looks like Edgar is borrowing his idea too.

I am sure that most of you will not remember this. It was the Mayor Mike Hurst "Made In Windsor" border solution back in March, 2003. That solution caused a major uproar since it seemingly reversed a Council position of a few months earlier that opposed DRTP. That lead to a Council revolt of which Edgar was one of the ring-leaders that ultimately resulted in Mike not running again and Edgar becoming Mayor.

Hmmmmm will history repeat itself? Is Edgar's Compromise (OMG....Alan can use that word and get slammed but Edgar can use the C-word and all is forgiven) the beginning of the end for Edgar just like with Mike? It won't be as dramatic because there is no STOPDRTP around to lead the charge. But how many people will feel upset by Edgar after trusting him to lead us to the better land errrr road? Again, just like with Mike's supposed reversal of position!

Of course, it is NOT 100% the same (eg "Hurst's proposal takes no position on the issue of how truck traffic would get from E.C. Row to the border and leaves that part of the solution up to the environmental assessment process.") That process is now completed but for the lawsuits. But take a look at it and see if I am right!

Following are the key components of Hurst's proposal for discussion with my fisking comments:

A "made-in-Windsor" border proposal would reduce congestion on city streets, remove railway crossings from heavily travelled arteries, create green space and provide $25 million in servicing for future industrial development near Windsor Airport, Mayor Mike Hurst said Friday. [Just like Edgar's plans for Windsor and the airport with its transportation hub]

* development of a two-lane dedicated truck route parallel to Walker Road and Riberdy Road from Highway 401 to E.C. Row Expressway along the Pelton Spur rail corridor with access to the Walker Road industrial park. [Now we have Walker Road being widened]

* a fully serviced Division Road along the south boundary of the Windsor Airport lands from Lauzon Parkway to the Pelton Spur to provide infrastructure for a proposed DCX plant and additional development in the lands north and south of Division. [We don't need this since we are getting a Manning Road and a Lauzon connection to an upgraded E C Row and an improved Walker Road from Highway 401 so trucks can reach the airport from different routes]

* construction of interchanges at Pelton Spur and Division, Pelton Spur and E.C. Row as well as at E.C. Row and the new Canada-U.S. Trade Route wherever that should be. [We have the DRIC interchanges and will get new E C Row ones]

* removal of the tracks along the CASO rail line between Highway 401 and E.C. Row and the transfer of existing rail traffic to CPR's main line. [DRTP is dead now so this is irrelevant but we do have rail rationalization]

* dedication of the CASO rail corridor between Highway 401 and E.C. Row for use as a green park and/or bicycle path. [DRTP is dead now so this is irrelevant but we do have rail rationalization]

* upgrading of E.C. Row from Pelton Spur to Ojibway Parkway to accommodate additional international truck traffic. [This is coming but notice how it was NOT mentioned in all of the big news. Edgar would be laughed out of town if it was. Remember Manning Road and the 10 lanes on E C Row west of Huron Church. Now the middle will be done but not announced probably until after the municipal election]

* upgrading of the existing E.C. Row and Huron Church Road interchange. [DRIC will do it]

* development of a Canada-U.S. trade route consistent with the environmental assessment process. [DRIC road/Ambassador Bridge will be the final resolution]

* elimination of grade-level railroad crossings along the CPR main line at Dougall Road, McDougall Avenue, Howard Avenue and Walker. [Partially being done now]

* establishment of a compensation program for any residents whose property values are negatively affected. [New homes being taken along the area of mass destruction]

Of course, never mentioned but understood was a Lauzon/EC Row/401 connection and now we are getting it! $5M for an EA.

Poor Mike. If only he had not supported DRTP, he might still be Mayor! Or perhaps he still is.