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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Windsor's Direction

Come out and attend the meeting


I am sure you saw this in the Star

  • "Mayor Eddie Francis has called a special meeting of city council for tonight to discuss an economic development opportunity so pressing it can’t wait until council’s next regular meeting April 12."

Gee, how can municipal politicans be in two places at the same time! The perfect excuse for snubbing citizens concerned about our future!


Apparently, the Clerk merely sent a note at 4 PM to Councillors with no details other than it is a meeting re: the border and economic development.

Hmmm, will attendance be taken and Councillors slammed if they could not make Edgar's surprise last minute meeting? Naturally, Edgar will be there so he cannot be criticized. The meeting was called by him to meet his convenience!

As a furious reader wrote to me:

  • "I just can't believe he, Eddie aka Edgar would try this trick again!!! He certainly does not respect city council or the citizens of Windsor! Urgency and expediency are no excuses for decision making and consultation! The pomposity and arrogant nature of this man is unbelievable!!!!

    I don't care what it is, this is no way to conduct business in this city!!!