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Friday, April 09, 2010

Why Vanilla Is Needed For Windsor

Remember this comment about Councillor Bill Marra:
  • "As for Marra's mayoral aspirations, Halberstadt said he's a "smart enough guy" and well spoken but "a little vanilla. He doesn't want to offend too many people and if you want to get things done, you need to offend some people."

He stood alone amongst the Council members but Councillor Vanilla turned out to be correct didn't he. He knew how to get a resolution and would have achieved it years ago if he had been Mayor.

After all, about Vanilla, "It's the flavor that goes best with everything else. It is the badge of honor."

Just so you do not get caught up in the flood of Edgar (aka Eddie) praise, do not forget what Bill said that ultimately proved to be the right approach. Consultation and negotiation not litigation:

  • Caution urged in DRIC fight; Marra says city should exhaust other options before going to court

    Coun. Bill Marra says the city should think twice before seeking a judicial review that would delay the $1.6-billion border feeder highway.

    "Any decision that may prolong the process has to be given second thoughts," he said. "Before we proceed with legal action we should make sure we exhausted all opportunities.

    "A premature move towards legal action is very concerning to me because we haven't had that discussion. We should not only be looking at legal options, but look at others that will not bring us in a courtroom. I'm not inclined to support legal action until we have that discussion..."

    Mayor Eddie Francis and council are pushing the city's Greenlink border plan, which provides twice as much tunnelling...

    Francis said he supports legal action.

    "We have come this far and believe there is a better solution. Unfortunately, the province doesn't want to compromise," Francis said. "Actions the city takes over the next several months are actions that are justified by the process that belongs to them.

    "Their own data suggest reasons for a better solution and they have ignored it."

    Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac gave the first public indication Monday that council will pursue a judicial review.

    "We keep hearing (from DRIC) 'sorry for your luck, the process is finished,'" she said earlier this week. "The premier came to Windsor and virtually said this is done. Our ministers have said the same thing. It's only fair people know the options as we go forward and council is willing to explore every one.

    "People keep telling us explore whatever option is available so we are not getting a project that negatively impacts us. They said, 'we want you to fight for our rights.' Council has instructed the mayor how to approach this."
  • City council to continue push for GreenLink

    The city has threatened to launch a judicial review to delay construction unless council is happy with the final design...

    The two local ministers are prepared to meet with Francis and council, "but the parkway (construction) has to begin," Duncan said.

    "The approval is final and this design is the basis for what we will build," he said. "There is some room for minor adjustments, but the parkway is what we are proceeding with. The city had some good ideas that have already been incorporated in this..."

    Coun. Bill Marra said a court fight should be avoided.

    "I don't think legal action or a judicial review are in the best interests of the community," he said.

    "We can't forget the perspective that we have achieved significant success in what the design looks like today. In the beginning there was not a metre of tunnelling even being considered."