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Friday, April 09, 2010


Read this Media Advisory and you can guess as well as I.

If there is a deal, then the question is: who blinked and folded like an accordion!

It would have to be Edgar (aka Eddie) or else the EA process would have to restart. Moreover, the Premier would have been embrrassed for what he said here about getting on with the DRIC road and that is NOT going to happen.

The fun will be reading Gord's column to see how he spins it as an Edgar victory. You can bet that you will see this: Edgar brought the Senior Levels up from $300M to $1.6B.

Of course it is not true, but hey, who cares when there is an election to be won!


Is it just me or don't you find it odd that no one from the Federal Government is there too since they contribute half of the money. No one from the County either.

Hey I got it...Perhaps I have it all wrong. The real story is that the Province is putting up the cash for the Tunnel Plaza Improvement project since the cost has escalated dramatically and to buy control of the US half of the Tunnel too.