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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Million Dollar Unanswered Sewer Question For Edgar

Remember the sight at Council of Edgar (aka Eddie) staring down Councillor Halberstadt in particular and demanding that he and his colleagues immediately shout out their "unanswered questions" re the 400 Building audit.

Really dramatic stuff eh.

Well I want to re-ask my question, a News Tip of the Week for my media readers, because I have not yet seen anything in the media where the question I posed the other day was answered.

The question is interesting to me because the savings alone could have bought some time to salvage Municipal daycare for a period to allow for consultation amongst the City, County and most importantly, parents.

What is the deal re the Banwell sewer line whereby the City and Tecumseh could not reach an agreement? That failure to come to a resolution will cost each of Windsor and Tecumseh $500,000 or a milion dollars in total.

I am sure that Edgar can explain in these tough financial times why Windsor can afford to pass up a half a million dollars which could have helped reduce our tax burden.

I'd ask Councillors but they probably are not allowed to talk to me because a resolution must have been passed in camera whereby Edgar has been appointed the Voice of Council for Sewage.

And if you think that daycare will cause problems between the City and County, then wait until the media covers this story, if they ever do!