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Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's Official: City Management Was The CUPE Strike Leakor

Oh oh...the barriers are starting to fall. Next thing we will read in the Star is their much belated coverage of the Lewenza Ward meeting about how Edgar failed in the CUPE strike and cost the City more than was necessary.

We now know who the Leakor was not. Officially. Because it is written now in stone in City Hall's official Messenger...the Windsor Star.

It took a long time for them to suck up the nerve to do so. It looks like it happened only after Ron Jones was "vindicated."

It was NOT CUPE or the other people smeared by the City in the OLRB complaint response.

Rather, as BLOG readers know, it came from the City. Exactly who though is still not known.

The Star told us so only now even though it was in the Commish's report from Day One. The Star forgot to report that in the past:
  • "Basse's initial probe into the source of a media leak -- which was blamed for torpedoing talks during the bitter strike -- came up empty-handed. Basse did conclude that the leak could have only originated from someone who attended a closed-door meeting of city councillors, the mayor and senior staff at city hall."
Poor Councillor Halberstadt. When he was whining for an apology, he forgot that. No wonder he is so silent now after his CUPE smear. Where is he making an apology to CUPE now?

Here is what the Commish wrote exactly:

If you agree with me that the Star's journalism was shoddy over this matter, then consider this, Where was the great TRUTH finally disclosed: buried in this story:

  • "City offers blacked-out records
    Council phone bills to be censored

See, everyone, the Star reports the facts eventually, when the issue is almost forgotten, if you can ever find them.