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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Daycare Update: Iggy Makes A Mockery Of Edgar

Poor Edgar (aka Eddie). Out of step. Again.

  • Ignatieff says child care is Liberals’ top social priority
    Monday, February 01, 2010

    OTTAWA -- A federal Liberal government will not let the ballooning deficit get in the way of implementing a national early learning and child care program, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff vowed Monday.

    "I am not going to allow the deficit discussion to shut down discussion in this country about social justice," Mr. Ignatieff told reporters on Parliament Hill. "We will find the money because it seems to me an excellent investment."

    He described a national early learning system as a way to give young people an "equal start" in life and also the "best anti-poverty program" on offer.

    Mr. Ignatieff said he is committed to making it the "No. 1 social priority" of a Liberal government, although he refused to discuss the price tag or where he would find the money to pay for it."

  • Ignatieff said Monday concern about the current $56-billion deficit can’t be an excuse to ignore child care and early learning."

  • “This is the number one social priority of an incoming Liberal government,” Ignatieff said, during a break in today’s all-day discussion on poverty and homeless in Canada. Child care is a key part of that discussion, the Liberal leader said.

    “It’s also the best anti-poverty program. I want every single child in Canada to have the opportunity to get a square meal when they come to day care; to get loving care and tender care. A lot of children in our country, we don’t like to admit it, start in very turbulent difficult environment at home. The great thing about these programs is they give kids an equal start...

    “You can slay a deficit and you can do social justice. That’s how Liberals think about their responsibilities in government and we will not let Canadians down.”

Heck, we'd close down all of Windsor's daycares, even those operating at or near capacity, to save $2-300,000.

There goes Edgar's Federal Liberal career opportunity.