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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Daycare Savings Update

Saving money for taxpayers by cutting down on daycare.


It's a political matter not an economic one. Edgar (aka Eddie) could not care one bit!

As an inside mole told me, if Edgar had a concern about saving taxpayers' money, then Windsor and Tecumseh would have reached an agreement concerning a sewer line on Bamwell thereby saving a million dollars.

Oh you do not know about that? Of course not, I was told that the vote was taken in camera! Guess why! Taxpayers ought to be furious. Another reason for the breakdown in City/County relations.

Now that there is no agreement, it will cost each City $500,000 or a million dollars in total.

As I was reminded today in a phone call, the real daycare deficiency is only around $200K. That amount could have easily been paid for by the sewer savings.