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Monday, June 08, 2009

Say Cheese

What kind of numbskull allowed that picture of CUPE Local 82's President's daughter and son to be published in the Star and online too! Are they nuts? And why would the daughter have allowed it to be taken in the first place!
  • "The daughter of the president of the outside city workers’ union says animosity over the strike is growing out of control and people have been calling her father’s home to make death threats...

    Jerrica said the most recent call came last week, and the male voice at the other end of the line was so disturbing that she worried for the safety of her 17-month-old son."

What genius came up with the idea of the story in the first place? It could have been written without a photo. Sure, give nut-cases and copycats ideas!

Was it designed to garner sympathy for CUPE members after the picketing at Eddie's home? Was it to make even-steven the fear that both sides in the strike have due to the creation of animosities in this City?

Who knows and who cares?

Did the Police suggest that this be done to flush out the people who made the threats even though it seems that they have not yet been involved:
  • "Asked if she has notified police or is planning to do so, Wood said no.

    “I wasn’t really thinking this far,” she said. “I’m not really educated on what I should’ve done, or what I could do.”
When there was a possible arson care the police were called. Why not now?

What a very attractive young lady Jerrica is. Her son is a real cutie with that distinctive head of hair. I am sure that if I saw them walking around I would immediately know who they were. And if there was any doubt, that tatoo on Jerrica's arm would clinch it! Thanks for showing it.

Amazing how clear the photo is too. Perfect portrait for a family album. Or for someone who might want to scare them or worse.

I am so glad that
  • "[Jim] Wood said he doesn’t take any of it personally."
I think he better!

I am surprised that the new apartment address was not given out. Why not after the photo. Why make it hard for someone to find them?

Maybe the Star learned from taking the photo of the Mayor's home so that anyone could find it what the consequences could be. Obviously, though, they did not learn very much!