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Thursday, June 04, 2009

We Need A RINC-Y Dinc Affair In Windsor

There is so much money for sports around, we ought to get our fair share. Time to THINK BIG. Time to THINK BIG INTERNATIONALLY

We ought to try and tap into the Federal/Provincial RINC program.

Oh I know we are probably not eligible for anything but who cares. If Jeff Watson can say that the canal project was virtually guaranteed to get funding even if it was not close to being shovel ready, then the rules can be bent or other program monies found. Sheeeesh, it's that easy!
  • "Through the Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Program in Ontario, the governments of Canada and Ontario have committed to supporting upgrades to community recreation facilities over the next two years.

    The RInC Program in Ontario will provide a timely, targeted stimulus to the Ontario economy through investments that will spur construction activity related to existing recreational infrastructure."

Remember that there was talk at one time about a joint Detroit/Windsor submission for the Olympic Games. Even if we wanted to do it, with the problems in the auto industry, an Olympics committee would be hard pressed to find sponsors these days. Eddie talked about a CFL team at one time too. Project Ice Track wanted an AHL franchise here. Those projects cannot be done.

Mind you, Windsor is a big player on the world sports stage after all. The Spits won the Memorial Cup with our new "downtown" East end arena. Red Bull Air Races are putting our name on the world stage again. Remember this statement by our Mayor:

  • "Mayor Eddie Francis announced in early February that Windsor was joining London's efforts to hold the [2012 World Junior Hockey Championships] tournament, competing with bids from such cities as Toronto, Edmonton-Calgary, Winnipeg and Halifax.

    "Our track record speaks for itself to host these events," said Francis at the time. "From the Super Bowl, to Wrestlemania, to the Grand Prix."

Sure, people thought Detroit ran those events. Little did they know!

Our loss of the hockey championship for 2012 bothered me. What could we do in that year to make a big splash? I got it!

I happened to read a story about the International Children’s Games.

  • "The International Children's Games or ICG as it is commonly referred to is an International Olympic Committee-sanctioned event held every year where children from cities around the world and between the ages of 12 and 15 participate in a variety of sports."

I noticed that the 45th Games are to be held in Scotland in 2011 and that there was nothing mentioned after that as a location. Could it be that Windsor lucked out? Were they looking for a City to host the Games in 2012?

Why not Windsor!!!

Wow, is Eddie ever lucky that I read that story. Co-incidentally the Games are being held on 23 – 28 June 2009 in Athens, Greece.

I know it is short notice and it is a tough time for us but by 2012 we ought to be just fine. I hereby DEMAND that the Mayor go to Athens right away to get there when the Games open and win them for Windsor for 2012! Who cares what the costs are. It will put us on the world map again. It is NOT a mere Rinc-y Dinc deal.

It will be hard work so the Mayor needs help. He needs to take one of his assistants with him too! Someone has to carry the briefcase of our globe-trotting Mayor

As long as they leave from YQG, it is a win for us all!

I hope my new CUPE friends do not get mad at me for suggesting that the Mayor go overseas while they are on strike. After all, the Mayor was supposed to go to Whistler as an example and he stayed behind:

  • "but the Red Bull Air Race “and everything else” forced him to remain at home. "

I am afraid that the Mayor is unable to use the "S" word anymore. Out of sight, out of mind? The almost 2,000 people picketing for almost 2 months are lumped under "everything else" now. See how much he cares for you!

So he sent Councillor Hatfield in his place. I am sure that the Councillor is so happy that the Mayor thought so well of him. I wonder if the Mayor would have carried a grudge if Percy had voted for binding arbitration. Unfortunately, we will never know since the Councillor did not support it.

Oh and the slap of Councillor Marra being "on a vacation trip" was a cheap shot by the Star against Eddie's biggest mayoral rival. The Star is well aware of the reason why Bill is away or ought to be!

After all folks, who cares if the CUPE people are still out after all of this time:

  • "Yes, there is a strike, yes, it’s unfortunate … (but) people are still working, people are still conducting the business of the city,” said Mayor Eddie Francis, adding it was “absolutely” a good thing that Windsor is represented in Whistler...

    “The lines of communication are always open — you don’t need a scheduled council meeting,” he said."

Why just like the Mayor informed us

  • "having local civic leaders leave Windsor during a nasty municipal strike to attend a conference dealing with municipal issues is no different than local CUPE leaders leaving Windsor last week to attend a CUPE conference in Toronto..."

I guess going to Toronto to raise several hundred thousand dollars for strikers who need the money is the equivalent in the Mayor's mind of "a party “you will never forget.”

One other thought. I wonder if George Sofos of the Junction is available too. He is Greek. Perhaps he could show Eddie around Athens!