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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Windsor Needs An Energy Drink

I hope Windsor business people do not get mad at me but I have received nothing from anyone about what we on our side are doing for the Air races. I figured I may as well show them what their Detroit competition is doing because it is very attractive!

I received the following press release since the hotel PR person obviously recognized the wide reach this BLOGsite has on both sides of the river. I am kidding, relax!

It should be a wake-up call to us. Remember last time around, Detroit sold-out long before we did and we had tickets remaining. If it was not for the American media telling people there was space left here, it would have been an embarrassment for us

I wonder what our business people are doing to get people spending over here. I hope the Red Bull site is not sending them to Niagara Falls still for our attractions!


    Best view on the waterfront, great room rates and a BBQ buffet!

    DETROIT, MI, May 21, 2009 —You don’t have to leave the country to experience all the excitement of the 2009 Windsor Ontario Red Bull Air Race. Great waterfront viewing, a delicious BBQ party and discounted room rates are waiting for race fans at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, located trackside on the Detroit River! A variety of packages are now available, many of them offering access to Marriott’s Air Race viewing area from the outdoor terrace of forty-two degrees north, the Detroit Marriott’s chic new restaurant. Packages start at just $50.

    Detroit Marriott Red Bull Air Race Packages

     Friday Night Package (June 12) – Deluxe guest room on Friday evening (June 12), access to Marriott’s Air Race viewing area and BBQ buffet at forty-two degrees north on Saturday (June 13),and cash bar. Prices: $149 for one person; $199 for two people; $50 for each additional person.

     Saturday Night Package (June 13) – Deluxe guest room on Saturday evening (June 13), access to Marriott’s Air Race viewing area and BBQ buffet at forty-two degrees north on Sunday (June 14),and cash bar. Prices: $149 for one person; $199 for two people; $50 for each additional person.

     Air Race BBQ & Viewing Ticket (June 13-14) – Access to Marriott’s Air Race viewing area and BBQ buffet at forty-two degrees north on Saturday (June 13) or Sunday (June 14), and cash bar. Price: $50 per person. Must call 313-568-8030 or email to make a reservation.

     Deluxe Guest Room Only (June 12–13) – Deluxe guest room on Friday (June 12) or Saturday (June 13) evening (no viewing tickets or BBQ). Price: $139 for double occupancy.

    To book a Red Bull Air Race Package at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, please call 1-800-352-0831 or visit and reference promotion code THM.

By the way, here is part of how Windsor is described on Red Bull's site. A good fisking is in order but I will not do it completely because it would make me cry.

Yes my fisking is very negative. Why lie to ourselves what this City has become over the last few years. You know the reasons as well as I do.

Actually, what it sets out is what this City should be. It provides a good blue-print for the future that is easily achievable if people work together.

We need a leader who will bring us back to our greatness that our local politicians have squandered, who will inspire us and whom we can trust. I just hope that we can find that someone and soon!

You fill in the blanks as appropriate:

  • "Windsor is known for its multicultural diversity and a healthy environment, [talk about the Mayor and Greenlink and children's diseases] where residents share a strong sense of belonging and a collective pride of place. A great quality of life is reflected in beautiful and safe neighbourhoods, [contrast the smell of garbage and roses] vibrant cultural districts, over 3,000 acres of open green space, 215 parks, [grass growing and pieces of chain link fences would be interesting to discuss here] and unprecedented access to exceptional health care and education [underserviced area medically, low-rankings and illiteracy would go well here].

    Windsor enjoys a remarkably low cost of living. Few Canadian cities can make a high standard of living as affordable as it is in Windsor. [Let's thank unemployment, foreclosures and high vacancy rates] The arts thrive throughout Windsor at a number of theatres and galleries both large and small. [Capitol thought!] Top-notch performing arts can be enjoyed at various independent theatres, at the University of Windsor, and at Caesars Windsor’s 5,000 seat Colosseum. [Our East End "Downtown" arena perhaps] Athletes and spectators alike can enjoy top-notch facilities for every major sport in the city, as well as quick access to storied franchises in every major professional sport in neighbouring Detroit. [Tunnel buses and being stuck would make for a great ending]