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Friday, June 05, 2009

More CUPE/CITY Strike Thoughts

Here are some things I have been thinking about


I hear that Council found out last Monday that this firm has been hired for security. I wonder what their bills are so far. I wonder how much of the cost for post retirement benefits could have been used by their fees.

One of their claims to fame is:
  • "Since 1986, AFI has assisted more than 1,000 image-conscious clients — of all sizes and in every industry, including many Fortune 500 corporations — plan for and execute business continuity strategies. Our efforts have helped these companies overcome the negative impacts experienced by their business by employee-related disputes.

    Our experience and unparalleled expertise in this field allow us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive suite of services available."

Wouldn't it be interesting to know WHEN they were first hired, WHAT they were asked to do and HOW MUCH of our "savings" will be consumed by them!

Is that an AFI employee sitting in a City of Windsor "enforcement" vehicle? If so why?

An AFI employee and more Windsor vehicles?

Why couldn't a local firm supply security guards? Were these people brought in from hundreds of kilometres away? Isn't AFI's HQ in Milton....outside of Windsor?

Nice endorsement by the Windsor Police Dept on AFI's website. Does the City always give such endorsement to all providers?


Did it happen or not? My sources tell me that is why the City and CUPE went back to negotiating. There was a real basis for a settlement of the strike I am told as well.

If it did and one side reneged, shouldn't the public know about it.

It seems to have happened:

  • "While some of the recent council meetings have been closely monitored by CUPE strikers and their leaders, with at least one such gathering sparking an informal meeting in a back hallway that led to a short-lived round of talks, Francis said they aren’t essential to reopen talks.”

Why doesn't the Star find out what was discussed?

Oh by the way, when did the Councillors hear about it?


Which senior manager in Administration rushed to the Mayor's house to take picures of CUPE members?

Did that person talk to employees and what was said?

How did that manager know to be there? Who called the person to come? Was the person called before or after the police and the media?


If Councillor Postma is correct about how the City's negotiating team has been handled and apparently, she "stand[s] by everything I have said throughout this strike." then is this the basis of CUPE filing a complaint against the City with the Labour Board? I hope that CUPE gets an opinion from their lawyers.


Just curious, how many managers are getting 5 figure salaries for working for 2 weeks while the strike is on? I won't give you the amounts that I have been told a couple of mangers received because the amounts are so shockingly high that I cannot believe them!

There goes my tax rebate!


I guess that one way is to threaten to hire replacement workers.

Another novel way is to settle the strike

Hmmm. I wonder how much this cost and are the lawyers 4-500KMs away:

  • "Mayor Eddie Francis said he’s exploring options to address the loss of public parks, pools, programming and other recreational opportunities for Windsor’s children and youth.

    The mayor says he was seeking legal advice Thursday on the city’s options. He would not go into detail about the legal issues involved."


It looks from what the Councillor claims that the amounts involved for PRBs are miniscule. So why aren't there discussions going on to bridge the gap?

I know, I know....the CAW will come in and save the day as facilitator.

Are we being set up now by Junior so that when the CAW helps arrive at a solution the taxpayers will not be too upset? I sure liked the scare headline:

  • "Lewenza Jr. warns against replacements"

A silly question. Before Junior opened his mouth, why didn't he call his good buddy, the Mayor:

  • "Today, Mayor Francis indicated that he would consider — and again I’m only taking this from what I heard from the media outlets — that he would consider replacement workers,”

Such drama, such theatre! Such BS!!


  • "It's a two-to-one response in favour of arbitration -- I think that's incredible," said CUPE Local 543 president Jean Fox, who represents inside workers.

    Of 258 Windsor residents surveyed, 65.6 per cent agreed that an "independent, neutral arbitrator" should be brought in to decide all outstanding issues.

    Fox said CUPE national was asked to commission the poll, which was conducted by phone Tuesday night by Winnipeg-based Viewpoints Research Ltd.

    Twenty-nine per cent disagreed and 5.4 per cent said they didn't know or refused to answer. Survey authors said the results have a margin of error of 6.1 per cent.

    Mayor Eddie Francis discounted the poll results, saying his office has been "flooded by calls" urging the city to hold the line.'

OHHHHHHHH, now we know why DRIC ignored the postcards about Greenlink. The City only received a 9% response rate in favour. If the Mayor can reject a poll saying that 60% or so want arbitration, then DRIC can reject a 9% result.


  • "Council has been very clear -- we're not prepared to give away the farm,"

But it is no so bad if strikers' homes are foreclosed!

Can you picture Eddie as a farmer. The thought just boggles my mind

Eddie MacFrancis had a Council, E-I-E-I-O
And on his Council he had 10 Councillors, E-I-E-I-O
With a "no sir" here and a "no sir" there
Here a "no" there a "no"
Everywhere a "no sir to arbitration"
Eddie MacFrancis had a Council, E-I-E-I-O


If your group ever has the chance to have the Mayor speak to it or perhaps John Fairley can do it on Face-To-Face, ask him to perform his 10 water glasses trick. He will tell you how he has to deal with his 10 "mini-Mayors" on Council.

He asks on which end of the poltiical spectrum each Councillor fits and moves a glass accordingly.

The funny part comes when he will tell you where he places Councillor Dilkens. That should raise a chuckle. But it is what he does with the glass when he talks about Councillor Marra and gives his explantion that will cause the huge outburst of laughter!

Such respect for his colleagues.