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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


My daughter took that photograph. I liked it and so thought I would share it with you.

Here is what readers are saying:

1) [Windsor Star Border Journalism] You don't need a modifier for "journalism,' you need a word other than "journalism."

2)You could always suggest that a formal complaint be made to the Ont. Press Council...

3) i have been following your blogs for some time now and a big fan and would like to let you know i have sent various letters to the windsor star, our councillors and mayor and never seem to get a reply. i am a city of windsor inside worker. i would appreciate it if you can post something on behalf of the inside and outside workers.

It appears council’s true colors are coming out during the city of Windsor inside and outside workers strike.

Are all of you fearful to shoulder the serious decisions and responsibilities to disengage from the mayor perspective, and get the city workers back? If unfunded liability is your main priority; then we are all in agreement, you are willing to give up your own post-retirement benefits and executive compensation packages. Could it be that the prevailing attitude towards post-retirement benefits for new retirees is only a façade? Ultimately all permanent employees will lose their post retirement benefits.

How refreshing to know that our elected members (until Nov 2010) care more about appeasing Windsor’s mayor than the safety and lives of its citizens. How many more injuries and fatalities will be sustained? How many homes will be lost in bank foreclosure or marriage break downs due to financial hardship the city strike is causing? Are you sleeping well? It is a daunting reality that our current economy is in a recession, and this strike has exacerbated it.

Let me ask you how much funds have been allotted for Green Link? Canal plans, or the various committee’s, consultants, contingency plans, advertisements, private investigators, legal representation for opposing the widening of Manning and EC Row, fighting the new jail location, fighting the feds over the new boarder crossing and now the inside and outside city worker that new retirees are a liability. I implore you re-evaluate your position as councillor by supporting the most valuable members of this community your city workers.

4) The more they talk the worse it gets and the longer any new span will be tied up in court.

5) I find it strange that Rashida Tlaib selectively chooses which constituents she chooses to represent. I mean she was touting that she organized the "buy bait" for the bait shop, but hasn't protected the 40 businesses killed by DRIC.

6) Ed, power demands will triple by 2030,
Are you monitoring Hydro cash grab on our regular bills, including GST ?
Will the debt ever be repaid, or used to tax for new sources ????
Is anybody watching?

7) Any council member who is elected, and serves 3 terms (9 years total) gets post-retirement-benefits. Same with Eddie. Some food for thought, don't you think?

8) There are at least two councillors who get PRB now.

Council makes more money in their part time positions than most of the full time clerical staff and they also get benefits that part time staff members do not.

How’s that.

9) [Excerpts only provided to mask this employee's identity] I have to say, I was just directed to your blog, and was impressed with the homework of council meetings, motions, and the votes of council members. It was refreshing to see an individual actually research the facts, instead of believing the paper to be gospel...

Now, we're informed that Eddie Francis, administration and council wants to eliminate p-r-b for new hires. That would mean that ALL of the temporary employees with the city would be ineligible. And I'm not the only one who has been employed on a temporary status with [number] years of experience behind them. Council members are required to serve 3 terms (a mere 9 years) on council, and are granted p-b-r's...

I understand my story may not seem to be of any importance. However, I've worked hard for the city for a number of years. I have striven to be the best employee I can, even with the uncertainty of not having a permanent job, not being able to save, or purchase any big item, due to no security.

I'm sorry if I have babbled, but as you know or could assume, us "strikers" ARE suffering, we ARE stressed out, we ARE losing assets being homes and cars.
Thank you for allowing me to explain yet another side of the story. The temps. We are people, we are dedicated workers, we ARE on the line, and we're walking shoulder to shoulder with other temps, and permanent employees. WE are the people that everyone wants to hang out to dry.

10) Interesting reading your posts. What a huge tax grab the HST really is.

11) Bravo Ed - great read. I was waiting for you to mention the apologizes and excuses of Mr. Mayor through Gord's article. I literally could not believe what I was reading - an apology from his Royal Highness but you are right about him hiding behind Gord to do it. Still childish.

I don't get this project at all. I can picture this ditch being littered with garbage and entertaining pissing contests after the bars close. Downtown already has a beautiful water feature called the riverfront. The only thing downtown Windsor truly needs is a revitalization of an urban village. Something for everyone to enjoy, somewhere you can live affordably with markets and everything you could want in walking distance. The WAY DOWNTOWN WINDSOR USED TO BE. It just makes me sick to think of the lack of planning because today, everything is about the real estate flip. There is no great long term planning. Who owns the property and who will gain financially by it? I think the people of Windsor should be made aware of this first. Something is smelling really fishy to me.

12) Don' t forget Huron Lodge and all the repairs performed since it opened two years ago. Many of the repairs were performed on a time and materials.

13) It isn't so much this story or the "money left on the table" in
Windsor and as it appears every other community trying to spend
stimulus money or infrastructure money from the feds. Harper doesn't
want shovel ready programs he wants "splash" for the possible next
federal election! The canal project in Windsor would look great for
his campaign in this area!

Just a thought

14) Another survey taken by another person in town

15) Rejection is a terrible thing. I just want to come over and give you a big hug but you are probably still laughing your head off (as I was) while reading these incredibly stupid emails to your requests. Your perseverance amazes me. Keep at it Ed - I'm waiting for these responses too but surely will not hold my breath.

16) If I was a tourist dependant operator I think I would be a little upsetat our tourism board. For months now the Red Bull Expedia has been showing things to do in Windsor. It does not show any activities in Windsor it sends them to Niagara Falls.Was no one working with or taking care of these things at the tourism board?This could be very embarrassing for someone who was suppose to be wanting spin offs from the race.

17) [Eddie Francis Flu] That was very clever and too funny

18) My name in Alphabet Photography would look something like this:

Alphabet Photography is the brainchild of Jennifer Blakeley, a successful female entrepreneur who launched the business just two years ago.

The idea came to her after reading a children’s book entitled “Alphabet City”. She’s spent the better part of three years traveling around the country taking pictures of scenes that resembled the letter of the Alphabet. It allows customers an opportunity to customize photos which can spell names, initials, inspirational words, etc. If you have a second, please check out to get an idea of what it is all about. Windsor will be host to the annual Windsor Art in the Park on June 6-7, and Alphabet Photography will be in attendance.