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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Did Dwight And Eddie Meet

Impossible you say. A secret meeting between those two!

Dwight might be violating the Integrity Act if he did so based on comments he and Sandra made before. Why would he take the chance?

Yet I keep hearing that they did. And not in a car on the way to the airport either.

What could they have talked about? Your guess is as good as mine on this one since the provincial government insider no longer has Gord to whom he can leak information, except for the Saturday column where Gord usually dumps on CUPE and boosts the canal these days.

Here are some thoughts I had that they may have discussed over a bottle of wine or two:
  • Who is running where provincially or federally
  • How much sponsorship money has Eddie raised for Red Bull so the Government does not have to pay out the full $3.2M
  • Be nice and stop slamming the Province and you might get a few dollars like the University or St. Clair who got big chunks of money by being co-operative.
  • Back off the Greenlink rhetoric and the Province might help you look like a partial hero
  • Will you meet with Council and be cross-examined because the Premier won't.

Did Eddie get whatever message was given. Check this out from CKLW:

  • NO JUDICIAL REVIEW 2009-05-29

    Windsor Council will let the DRIC process move forward without a challenge for now. Mayor Eddie Francis says council feels it is the wrong time to launch a judicial review. The Mayor and council want to meet with Cabinet Ministers Sandra Pupatello and Dwight Duncan to discuss things first. Council wants the Greenway Project, DRIC is pushing the Parkway proposal.

This from the guy who had David Estrin make 2 Council apprearances on this and did his own presentation. Remember this presentation Eddie did from Chris Schurr's BLOG. Who could forget it:

This from the guy who has been threatening lawsuits for just under 3 years now:

  • "Mayor threatens lawsuit:
    Windsor Star 09-06-2006

    Mayor Eddie Francis threatened legal action Tuesday if the binational group charged with proposing a new border route plows ahead with a plan that he says will destroy Windsor."

    He does not want to be known as a WEAK-LING. It would be "unconscionable" not to sue. How about all of those kids with brain cancer that Eddie has referred to or with breathing packs.

Did Dwight put the boots to Eddie? As I wrote before:

  • A year of options----Everything that our Mayor does is bluff. Another year of options when the Premier has prejudiced the process and compromised its integrity. Unbelievable!

    ...He has threatened lawsuits so many times that it almost becomes predictable and then he backs off. That has become predictable too...

    “Sadly, given the damning environmental evidence we heard this week, it would be unconscionable for the city to do anything less than fight for the health and safety of its constituents, even if it means seeking a judicial review.”

    A year of options----If Eddie does not act now and using the tools of his profesion, then Henderson can denounce him for acting in an unconscionable manner when matters of health and safety are involved.

    A year of options---- what a sign of weakness..."

Alas, we shall probably never know.