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Monday, July 19, 2010

WindsorCityBlog Is Moving to Windsor Square

It was time already.

With thousands of BLOGs posted already, and hopefully with many more to come, I needed a new website that allowed me to do more than the Blogger template allowed.

Enter The Square!

Go on, don't be afraid. Click on the image and see what happens!

I was invited to move my BLOGsite to Windsor Square. Who could resist considering who my neighbours would be: some of the best political Bloggers in town with more to come on board later.

So I bid a fond adieu to my home for these many years and start the next leg of my Blogger journey at Windsor Square

See you at The Square this morning with my first new Blog. Click OPINION and you will find me!

Remmeber as well to change your WindsorCityBlog Favorites in your browser toolbar to:

Check out the Press Release:
  • Introducing Southwest Ontario's newest information destination.

    Windsor Square is an online news and opinion portal featuring regular political commentary and analysis of the happenings in and around Windsor and Essex County. The Square provides insightful news perspectives, in depth analysis, and solid background for people who want more than what traditional news sources provide.

    Some of the area's best known political observers have agreed to join our new community. Look for the insightful discussion of events that you have come to expect from Line of Sight, The Mayor of Monmouth, Windsorcityblog and others. They are now all regular contributors in one convenient location at The Square.

    Windsor Square also provides access to news from around the corner and around the world with many of the articles sourced directly from the newsmakers themselves. Whether originating in Tiananmen Square, Times Square, or Trafalgar Square, the readers of The Square can access the world in their own backyard.


    Based on the notion of a town square, The Square is a public space in the heart of our community where citizens can gather, converse, and learn. Think of The Square as your little area of firm foundation from which to expand your knowledge. All persons are encouraged to join together in respectful discourse and cooperation.

    Add "Windsor Square" to your list of favourites. We trust that you will become a regular visitor to The Square!

    Register as a subscriber and make your feelings known through the online comments section or by writing to or