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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Anti-Bridge Company Conspiracy Revealed

You know perfectly well, dear reader, from what I have Blogged so many times before that I believe that the three levels of Government in Canada--Federal, Provincial and Municipal--are working together to try to force the Ambassador Bridge Company to sell out cheaply.

So if I said it again, it would just be ho-hum news to you.

However, what if a person who can hardly be said to favour the Ambassador Bridge Company said it or someone who supported another crossing alternative, say a rail tunnel, and what if this person said it years ago? Would that change your mind?

Here are some comments that I read from an article that I found on the Internet that I consider to be particularly fascinating. What is really of significance as you read it is that each level of Government in Canada is working strictly within its constitutional authority:
  • The Federal Government is dealing with the International Bridge via Bill C3.
  • The Province has responsibility over the road to the border.
  • The City does its part by passing bylaws to prevent the Bridge Company from doing anything with respect to the Indian roads houses demolition and with its interim control by law.
When looked at in a combined fashion, the Governments have circled the Bridge Company to try to stop them! Magnificent plan isn't it. And so well co-ordinated.

I have no idea who the author is, Samuel Knapp but the same article is seen in a number of websites. Knapp is a clear advocate for the DRTP rail tunnel. And remarkably, a fellow by the name of Bill Muir wrote an article with the same title. Hmmm I wonder if it was a search engine optimization gambit.

And don't you just love the article title too to make it so much easier to confirm my suspicions:
  • "Canada is Fully Engaged on the Detroit-Windsor Border Crossing

    Federal Action: At the end of January 2007, the Canadian federal government passed a law known as C-3. This law confirms the federal government's exclusive jurisdiction over international bridges and tunnels; requires governmental approval for the construction or alteration of new and existing bridges or tunnels; requires governmental approval for all changes in ownership, operation and control of international bridges or tunnels; and authorizes the government to make regulations regarding bridge maintenance and repair, safety and security, and operation and use. In short, this law gives Transport Canada control over all 24 border crossings -- including private structures -- and any future border crossings between Canada and the U.S. (see page 6 of the Addendum for additional highlights).

    Provincial Action: Last week the Ontario provincial government announced that it would explore a "comprehensive solution" to border traffic problems, with tunneling (of trucks in Windsor) as a part of the discussion. Building a tunnel under Windsor for trucks would provide environmental, health, safety and economic benefits (see page 9 of the Addendum for a Windsor Star article on the Provincial action).

    Local Action: Also last week, the city of Windsor City Council passed two bylaws that will be in effect for one year and may be extended to two years while a community improvement plan is completed. The bylaws will not permit the construction of new buildings or structures or the demolition of old ones, and will ensure that the area's attributes and physical features are not negatively affected or destroyed. In effect, this suspends the Ambassador Bridge's plan to build a new, expanded customs plaza in Windsor (see page 11 of the Addendum for a Windsor Star article on these bylaws)."

It is set out so precisely and succinctly than even a DRIC-ite could understand it and be able to figure out how he/she has been used to further Canada's border ambitions!

And you wondered why Canada had to become an Instrumentality of Government of Michigan under the proposed Michigan P3 Bill after Transport Canada Minister Baird's UP TO $550M loan offer which is not a loan.

DUH, Canada would be able to act on BOTH sides of the river against the Bridge Company and to take action against an American company that neither Michigan or the US feds would dare try!