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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ambassador Bridge/DRIC Comparison

Aren't you tired of the misinformation about the border already:

  • Truck traffic is now going to triple even though it is at 1999 levels or worse
  • Sandwich will be destroyed by a new plaza except it is really Delray where hundreds of families and businesses will have to be moved
  • a twin bridge here is a security and redundancy risk except what are they trying to build in Buffalo/Fort Erie and what did they build in Port Huron/Sarnia. Moreover one knows terrorists multi-target
  • Buffalo/Niagara has 14 lanes of traffic except only 2 of the 4 bridges can be used for trucks and the number of lanes for trucks in Windor/Detroit into the US is 13 and intoCanada is 12 plus 6 built but not occupied
  • DRIC will produce 10,000 constructuion jobs excpet so far Minister Baird has only talked about jobs for Canadians and industry people have said that the number is exaggerated
  • P3s are good for you except when it comes to pay the Wall Street bankers their huge upfront fees and the operator obscene profits, all without legislative oversight

Do you see what I mean? As an example, I read Senator Basham's newsletter recently and his article in the Dearborn Press and Guide and watched him on Flashpoint. Mistakes are being made that need correction.

Accordingly, for Senator Basham and others , I have prepared this comparison table that should help explain what is going on and why the DRIC bridge is a horrific mistake.

Oh, by the way, it looks like the DRIC-ites got scared off because they could not answer my 20 questions. Hardly a surprise.

Just click on the link here