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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Scrap the Lufthansa study.

Forget fixing the runways.

Who needs plants and land development at the airport.

No need to upgrade E C Row so traffic can flow fron our transportation hub to the border.

Middle East Airlines, Westjet, Porter...stop in London.

Cargo the canal instead.

If the Chair of the Board of YQG, his Chief of Staff and the President and CEO of YQG don't use YQG for flying, why should anyone else. And please, if others are made to change in Toronto to fly to DC if YQG is used, then why didn't Edgar (aka Eddie), Norma and Federica lead the way. Simple, it adds extra time to the flight because it is not non-stop.

Unbelievable vote of non-confidence. It destroys the aiport's slogan in a flash. YQG is now

YNSQG---Your Not So Quick Getaway