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Thursday, April 15, 2010

CUPE Elections

I believe that the elections for CUPE Local 82 are coming up soon.

I heard that Jim Wood, the President during the 101-day strike, is being challenged for the top job.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Will the union members vote him out which would mean to me a repudiation of his leadership during the strike and afterwards, especially in relation to garbage outsourcing? Or will he remain at the helm of the Union either because the members liked his leadership or don't like his opponent.

If he loses, what would that mean to Jean Fox of CUPE Local 543 who has announced that she is running for re-election since she has a similar issue with her actions during the strike and with daycare closing.

The results of the election could also have an impact on relations with the City depending on the outcome and the platform of the winning candidate. Will we see a CUPE that is conciliatory or one that will become more militant.

The fundamental question in my opinion that Union members need to ask is whether they were well-served by their leadership during the strike and are they being well-served in the outsourcing debate and with other possible lay-offs at City Hall. In other words, how well has their leadership dealt with the public backlash against their members promoted primarily by the Star's one-sided support of the position of the hardliners on Council.

If there is a question period for candidates, I would ask why simple actions have not been taken that could have demonstrated why the hardliners "lost the war" contrary to what the Star said to re-establish the credibility of CUPE workers and why action has not been taken to stop outsourcing and closing in the face of obvious problems that the City has.

I have an opinion on what I would do if I was a CUPE member and have millions of reasons to support it. But since I am not, then I will keep quiet.