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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BLOGMeister Mail

Here is what my readers are thinking including on the border issue:

1) Good day Senator Cropsey. I encourage you and other senators to continue to be responsible related to spending for the state. I am a Canadian who has been involved in the sighting of additional crossing capacity between Windsor and Detroit since 1997. I have made presentation to many Provincial Ministers and Federal Ministers of Transportation to get enhanced transportation routes in Canada.

I was shocked that Mr. L Brook Patterson was presented as a supporter of DRIC but he was lied to ....when his response to DRIC was "If it is the only game in town"...

Many years ago the Ambassador Bridge Company recommended a ring road concept to the Canadian Federal Minister of Transportation to improve access to the Bridge for international traffic decreasing the impacts of the commercial development on Huron Church created by the City of Windsor. The project mirrored the current parkway for the most part but was very preliminary. It reconnected neighborhoods in West Windsor and controlled pollution to the same degree the current proposal does. The only real difference was the roads targeted connecting point but the same plan could be implemented to fix the Windsor problem and provide better access to the current bridge and the Enhanced Bridge Project for the same money NOT COSTING THE STATE OF MICHIGAN A CENT. Really

That is the problem as stated by Mr. Patterson that Windsor does not want. I am reminded of President Ronald Reagan's quote to the Russians when I think of this situation. The president said take down that wall and it fell. The wall was the Russian's problem not the United States. It was the right thing to do and the President knew it.

Paralleling this problem to the wall Canada has a problem. Ontario has a problem. WINDSOR HAS A PROBLEM BECAUSE THEY CREATED IT. The quote today would be "Canada, Ontario, Windsor fix your problem." The Sates and the US government have partnered with the Ambassador bridge for the Gateway Project which eliminates impacts to Detroit neighborhoods and that facility has the capacity to support traffic from two bridges. The Enhanced Bridge Project because of design and improvements to traffic flows through design of traffic marshalling will support the traffic proposed for the next two decades. Should the needs arise the current bridge could be rehabilitated if detailed examination supports it and be brought back into service all at the cost of the Bridge owner not the state.

Again the only issue here is the PROBLEM OF WINDSOR THAT THEY CREATED. Now if ownership is the problem buy the bridge and complete the enhancement project. In addition I would suggest that Detroit and Windsor have a conflict of interest because they own the Windsor Detroit Tunnel. If the bridge needs to be owned or controlled by Government so too does the Tunnel.

There are many options to provide oversight to the border without owning the crossings but that will take much more dialogue. Senator you are at liberty to share my comments and thoughts. ... I have no financial interest in this position and have never been paid for my involvement. I have only the best interests of our two great countries in mind.

Best wishes on in the senate vote and I hope and pray that the right thing will be done.

2) Okay, your wrists must be on fire. If you need anyone to type for you, let me know.

The City of Windsor and this Border File must be driving you into a convulsive state of keyboarding. You must have one terrific wife. Kiss her for us and keep up the great work!

3) What I don't understand is why my government is promising me jobs but only if I allow them to quash a private business man. The two can be mutually exclusive but my government is twisting these two things into one. Something very wrong here. It's a free country or so I thought until now.

So Canada wants to build a bridge. Go for it.
So Matty wants to build a bridge. Go for it.

But kindly stop holding up "job carrots" to Canadians for ulterior motives. Canadian or American
governments that want to put private enterprise out of business when it is the very foundation for both countries, do not have my respect nor my support.

Eddie Francis DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME. Neither does that Doer guy.

4) Your blog sure has gotten a lot of attention lately.
Gord's column tells of political dealing and common place.
I think all three are fighting for their political future.
Since when can two sitting ministers guarantee an extra $78 million
in a breakfast deal in an MP's home?
So much for transparency and political process.

5) Watch what happens with Red Bull's spectators.
They are going to drop fiercely.

6) We should be so lucky that you would run [for Mayor]. Can you imagine the campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7) I found this morning's read very entertaining!

8) "It will also put to rest the issue of the private individual soliciting donations for the Chimczuk Museum and of other groups posturing for the funds".

Surely they cannot be referring to The Executive Director of Chimczuk Museum Inc., an Ontario numbered company, the owner of the name "Chimczuk Museum" name, and a Canadian Registered Charity !

9)Slam Dunk! Doesn't it feel good? I forwarded this blog to everyone I know. Love it!

10) Hi Ed - just wanted to say I am enjoying your blog daily, sometimes 2-3 times daily!

"The Matty" today was a howl... It is so obvious that every time Matty and Dan make a move the counter attack is just around the corner.

All that effort to take down one man: The Matty. What a debacle!

11) Strangely enough, this popular Canadian Band is playing in a lot of places around Windsor yet not in Windsor, either at the Casino or the WFCU.

[Nmae of band]

Seems to me someone isn't on the ball, so to speak.
Then they wonder why the WFCU is losing money.

12) Some times your on and sometimes your so far off. At least your not afraid to voice your opinions and you can't be bullied. I like that you always play the devils advocate. But your word is not sacred, hopefully the public realize you are just one man giving your opinion. You put it out there to give the public something to think about so we are not mindlessly following the rat in the maze.

Keep it up.

13) It appears that Stats Canada also assisted Matty Moroun in his legal cases, compliments of the People of Canada.

14) [Security guards new legislation] Why would anyone in their right mind think for one minute that alot of these guards in Ontario, who can barely afford to feed their families can afford another $60.00 test for what?? These poor families can barely put a roof over their heads and you guys want more money on top of the $85 dollars they already get ripped off ,for a license? What is this government thinking, when is this all going to stop..The poor waiters and waitresses better watch it maybe they are next?

You guys rip off people more and more every day, not to mention your HST..There is less people in Alberta they pay a 5% tax on things there, why do we need to take more?When and where is this going to stop, our government is going to break us all, and they won't stop until we are all on welfare.. I'm just trying to figure this all out, and help some people I know?? I do know one thing Mr. McGuinty and Associates when are you guys going to take a pay cut like the rest of us? You for sure don't deserve what you are all getting..

15) [RE CKLW commentary] You and the other bloggers must be doing something right to get these clowns talking about you guys.Keep the good work!

16) How is it that the most impoverished and poorly serviced city in the province has the second-highest paid mayor in the province?

17) Not sure that I am comfortable with sole sourcing by City of Windsor Corporation. Even when it is relatively small.

What is it that we do? It appears that we call in a company from outside our economy for these assessments - did they bid on these assessments? Then they flow on through to the sole source job.

It does not make fiscal sense to me. Prevents us from getting the best bang for our buck here in Windsor by blocking companies inside our economy from bidding even on the little jobs.

18) I saw this – it is an actual industry reaction to border problems that need to be addressed, evidently independent of Transport Canada’s infrastructure agenda. It is striking in that it totally contradicts the MDOT/Canada line that we need border infrastructure. The trades all say it is GOVERNMENTAL POLICY that causes unnecessary delays, and desire/demand for an other bridge is irrelevant.

19) I am sending a link to my first blog attempt. It is still a work in progress. I’m not sure if you had a chance to hear Paul Pedro’s new commentary on CKLW yesterday, but it sort of inspired my writing

20)Can Windsor Star not be challenged to provide the source of these hateful comments?

21) Fantastic quote about Bill Marra.

22) I could be wrong but isn't there a Provincial election in 2011?
Just when they decide to dump a bunch of money in their ridings.
It's probably a multi-billion dollar coincidence.
Would a politician really plan it that way?
Giving them that kind of credit for setting it up like this is really just
another long shot because in one way they are totally out of touch with
basic needs and necessities of the common taxpayer, yet they seem to
work awful hard on announcing dates that are self-serving.
I'm so confused........
Are they really that lucky, or really that smart?
The ultimate question is what portion of the population voted
them in? Was it the smart ones, (another mind boggler) or was it
the ones with no education they claim are the hindrance in
our populace?
You can't make this stuff up.

23) Like lambs to the slaughter! Duped! Conned! Misdirected! Spanky got spanked but good! Now Edgar will run for a third term, Spanky and Sandra just made it a sure thing! I'm puking now just thinking of the spitting spin coming out!

24) Well it looks like Edgar saved the day again.
He compromised on DRIC just before the police negotiations.
At least the money used for DRIC can now go to the lawyer he hired
from Toronto.
If Edgar is so interested in helping Windsor, why is he trying to
eliminate jobs at city hall and hiring out of towners all the time?

Seems to me he's flushing money downstream.
Maybe that's why the new sewage collector is being built....

25) You are right as usual and yes it is a sell out and all it took was 78 million and oh, by the way no more tunneling.

26) I continue to enjoy your blog on a daily basis. I read the blogs of others as well as some of the stories on the Windsor Star website. Lately I have refrained from reading any of the comments on the Stars' website, and I don't bother posting anything there myself. However, after reading Vander whatevers' most recent column (Cupe girds for battle) I could not resist typing something in the mess of comments of their comment section. This guy seems to have taken a personal issue with public sector employees, union employees, and more directly local city workers. You know, regular working people who live amongst us in this area. People with families, decent jobs, live in our neighbourhoods, shop where we shop, play where we play, pay taxes like the rest of us.

27) You really have to stop critisizing the Windsor Star. After all it is good for the kitty litter and for packing things in. That's about all.

28) Odd that you would pick Ottawa to talk about concerning the contracting out of garbage. When we were there a few years ago on vacation, we had a fight with a parking meter. When speaking with the ordinary people of Ottawa we were told that nothing had been the same since the parking was contracted out. Interesting!

29) you rock the city my friend. your blog has them covering their bottoms as fast as they can.

30) my friends at city hall want to know if you would run for council. you have a lot of support here.

31) Eddie just stood alongside Michigan politicians and praised the new DRIC crossing.

Looks like the aerotropolis is looking to use the DRIC bridge as a gateway and it ain't to the Windsor airport.

It looks like Edgar's been outplayed by real entreprenuers.

32) We have been reading your blog on a regular basis and find the articles all quite informative. Would it be possible to get more exposure on your articles out to the public.? I think that most people still turn first to the Windsor Star for City Council information, etc., as lots of folks still don't have computers. I think that more taxpayers have to know what's going on before the Municipal elections take place.

Keep up the good work.

33) I really feel sorry for those whose sole source of local news is television and Windsour Star

34) Secret meetings, keeping the public out of the loop, sounds like Kwame is running our city.

Way to keep up the transparency of city council.

As a note for the future Eddie when you want to keep something out of the public don't run to the media to tell them you have a emergency meeting. My 4 year old nephew runs around saying "I have a secret" He's 4 and you are how old?

35) You know Eddie Francis reminds me a lot of Count Scary.
This secretive bs was no more than a ploy to take away press from
the other pressing issues the citizens have in Windsor.

He can make up anything he wants, but he did have control of the council
so no one could out press Edgar at the meeting.

Cone of Silence with Count Scary as the host. I shiver at the thought.

36) [RE WEDC CEO] Looks like you and I think alike.

37) A man was sleeping in the park at city hall this afternoon and Eddie is off on spitfire business. Made me sad!

38) see Toronto Star, now Canada vs Matty AND Nora Moroun!
and they will never pay for bridge " User fees would repay the debt ! " paragraph 4 [in the story],
Bridge plan dangles jobs for Michigan !
and will the province continue funding Windsor when McGuinty has canceled
4 billion in transportation in Toronto ???
I can see a big delay coming!