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Monday, April 19, 2010

Those With No Brains Support DRIC

I am not being mean. I did not say this. The Governor did. Here is how the Detroit News put it:
  • "Granholm: New Detroit River bridge a 'no-brainer'"

It was not the barn burner I expected it to be. It was merely another of the the typical DRIC rallies.

But here is the fascinating part. The justification for DRIC has changed. Again. They are playing the DRTP game of the "JOBS" Tunnel. Look how far that got them with their rail tunnel conversion to trucks. Nowhere!

  • "It's not about Democrats or Republicans," Patterson said. "It's about jobs."

Funny, he did not say whose jobs like certain bureaucrats and Wall Street bankers and consultants and lobbyists and lawyers. Some of them are very well paid for the work in their jobs with more to come i DRIC goes forward.

Here is how the Free Press described it:

  • "Speakers backed the DRIC project today as a jobs creator, mostly leaving unsaid other justifications including redundancy in case of an attack on the Ambassador Bridge and the need for newer, more modern capacity than that provided by the 81-year-old Ambassador."

It's hilarious. DRIC supporters cannot win on anything they have tried in the past because it has been proven as untrue. So now they are forced to fall back on jobs as the reason for the project.

I guess real people who want jobs would not build the Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project so that project would not require people being hired. DUH!

The tragedy of DRIC is that it destroyed any chance of our region moving forward for a decade and has cost untold suffering to people. All we got was stalling not action from every level of Government as they fed us the platitiudes about how important our crossing is.

There is no money to pay for it from Michigan or the US where the only border focus is on Mexico as the Secretary of State made clear in her Ottawa interview. It is so bad that if the P3 legislation is not passed, DRIC is dead. Why did the Governor wait for the last second to try to get this legislation passed if the DRIC bridge is so vital for Michigan?

Canada has not put one penny aside in its Budget either for a DRIC bridge counting on a P3 for it. Even the DRIC road is to be a multi-billion P3 in Ontario.

Where all of this money is coming from for jobs in a time of an economic meltdown, I am not sure. As long as Moroun is in business, no P3 operator would invest in a new bridge so you understand the need to demonize and vilify him. We know however that Moroun has the money for his bridge--and for jobs--already. No one seems to care about that.

We could have had those thousands of jobs years ago building the Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project and the DRIC road in Canada. Our region would have been spared a good part of the suffering of the near Depression and auto companies' meltdown and would have been repositioned already for our future had our Governments not stalled and reneged on their previous commitments.

Today was a waste of time. it did not change anyone's mind.

  • "Patterson said he had talked to Cropsey about his opposition to the DRIC, but to no avail.

It is sad to see the misinformation being spread still by a man like L. Brooks Patterson. Doesn't he have a researcher in his office. Heck, he just needs to read my BLOG for all the information he needs:

  • "Patterson said the real fear was that without the DRIC, commercial traffic might shift to the crossing in Buffalo, N.Y.

    "It's the DRIC or New York," Patterson said."

Didn't he know that MDOT destroyed that myth years ago in a presentation. They should have told him so he would not be embarrassed and made to look like a fool.

How sad for him. And for us with this kind of leadership.