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Friday, February 12, 2010

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Here are some interesting tidbits of information


You might be interested in reading this Affidavit prepared by Dan Stamper in the MDOT lawsuit. It outlines the nearly two decades of effort to build the Enhancement Project bridge which is part of the Ambassador Gateway project.

It lets you understand the deep feeling of distrust and betrayal that the Bridge Company has towards Governments on the border file. How that gets overcome, I do not know.

It also gives you some background about the piling of dirt and equipment to prevent users of the Bridge getting to the access roads.


Is anyone chasing after this project? Edgar should since he knows the bread business so well with his former pita business success.

Has the Undevelopment Commission's new CEO started yet? Wasn't he to be here February 1? No concern, Edgar (aka Eddie) is doing his job for him.

Probably not. Time for another jaunt to Europe soon to scout out another failing airport:

  • "Canada Bread to close 3 Toronto plants

    Toronto-based Canada Bread Company Ltd. said Tuesday it plans to close three of its bakeries in the city and move production to a new plant somewhere in southwestern Ontario by 2013.

    The company, Canada's largest breadmaker, said it hopes the existing 435 employees will find jobs both at the new location and elsewhere at the company's 13 plants in the greater Toronto area. The new plant will create about 300 jobs."

And where is Windsor's name here as a possible location:

  • "Vestas, the world's largest maker of wind turbines, could be the next green giant to set up shop in Ontario, the [Toronto] Star has learned.

    Industry sources said officials from Denmark-based Vestas were in Ontario last week to size up local infrastructure and potential sites for manufacturing, which would be geared to making offshore and onshore wind turbines for the Canadian and U.S. markets – including offshore wind projects planned for the Great Lakes.

    Sites in Hamilton, Niagara, Kingston and Belleville are among those being considered, sources said."


A few more reader suggestions:

Euchre - the let's make dirt desirable game so EWSWA can't get at it to save on costs at the landfill

Ker-Plunk - the council falling one by one as Edgar does not know how to play nice with anyone game

Go Fish - the drain basin that isn't nearly as desirable as the canal would be game

Michigan Rummy - the excuse me while I wipe my feet on Windsor while I kissy up to my next boss game

Trouble - the ongoing attacks on employees game


How quickly we have fallen.

Remember this from one of Edgar's speeches in 2006:

  • "We’ve all heard about the challenges with Canada’s aging population.

    That aging population is a more daunting concern, when coupled with a shortage of skilled labour.

    We are fortunate, to have a labour force that is growing and replenishing itself.

    Windsor is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants to this country.

    Only Calgary attracts more new immigrants on a per capita basis. As populations stagnate across the Western world, ours is projected to double over the next fifty years.

    While other cities are seeking people … we have people seeking us.

    These people are coming to our city to fulfill their dreams, and build successful lives for themselves and their children.

    Yet they face difficult barriers. Like a lack of skills recognition and language challenges – resulting in unemployment or underemployment.

    Sixty percent of all immigrants came to Canada with a trade certificate, non-university diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctorate.

    We’re taking action to help our newcomers – many of whom are very well-trained, and have skills that we need to put to good use.

    In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, we are developing a workforce development plan.

    We’re taking action to find ways to help newcomers get settled and on with the job of building a better Windsor. "

To this with the terrific built-in excuse of blaming it on the economy:

  • "Newcomers not attracted to Windsor: Report

    Windsor's economy is largely to blame for its inability to attract migrants, according to a report released Wednesday by the Conference Board of Canada.

    According to the report, Windsor is ranked 45th out of 50 centres across Canada.

    It was the city's poor economic performance, led largely by its high unemployment rate, that dragged Windsor down in the rankings where it was joined by fellow manufacturing centres such as Oshawa, Brantford, Cambridge, Longueuil, Saguenay, Trois-Rivieres, Laval and Saint John."

Trouble is that Edgar recognized the problem in 2006 and what has he done about it:

  • "We also have some immediate challenges.

    One of them has been economic development.

    None of you need to be reminded of the challenges that the North American auto industry has been facing.

    And our unemployment rate remains high.

    These are reasons we’ve taken politics out of economic development, and we’re taking a regional approach.

    Our new economic development partnership with Essex County is underway.

    This is a great accomplishment that recognizes that what is good for Essex County is good for Windsor, and what’s good for Windsor is good for Essex County.

    I am looking forward to the day when our region in collaboration with others cities from Southwestern Ontario and South East Michigan join together to forge a strong and enhanced economic partnership.

    And I want to thank the Chamber for its support and encouragement with this invitiative."

I wonder perhaps if immigrants remember this slam in 2006 where they were blamed for our high unemployment rate:

  • "Across Canada, only Calgary is welcoming more new immigrants than we are here in Windsor. Our population is expected to double within the next fifty years.

    Now, in the short term, being a city that attracts people from around the world can be challenging as we help people get settled in.

    Unemployment is at 9.2 percent in this city. That’s way too high.

    But it’s important to understand what’s behind that number.

    Three thousand more jobs were created in our city last year than the year before.

    Opportunities are attracting people to Windsor. Faster than our labour market can absorb them.

    And that pushes the unemployment rate upwards.

    People want to come here. They want to live here.

    And while other places are struggling to maintain the labour supply they need for growth and prosperity, Windsor continues to attract people."

No need to worry now. They aren't coming. Watch for our unemployment rate to tumble.