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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Windsor Movie Tops Avatar

Boffo box office so far! Five stars beyond any shadow of a doubt.

The Motion Industry groups will NOT like this but a locally made Windsor movie is so wildly popular that it knocked Avatar off the #1 list here. People are bringing portable DVDs to their place of business to show it off to friends and colleagues.

I would not be surprised if the film was nominated for an Oscar or a Golden Globe.

Movie reviewers seem split whether it is a comedy or a tragedy or both so you will have to judge for yourself but it is getting rave reviews. I wonder what Gord and Michele think of it.

The stars of course are Windsorites, and, hrrrumpf, our Council did not want to support a film industry. Some of them are well-known and recognized celebrities around town too. Two of the main characters are local lawyers if you can believe it. The drama between them is rivetting to say the least.

What is fantastic is that clearly a lot of the movie is carefully stage managed but the part that is not, the improvisation part, is the most electrifying. It is filmed cinéma vérité style. You can just feel the tension in the air.

Fortunately, one of the crew members is a fan of this BLOG and I was allowed to have a sneak preview in this short trailer. The best part is the first 54 seconds.

Watch and enjoy.

How good is the film? Just ask the Mayor. It is so good that Edgar (aka Eddie) was running around the in camera meeting room last Monday playing the movie on his portable DVD player for whomever he could drag over to watch it.

Now I think I know the real reason why the Council meeting was 45 minutes late in starting. Edgar wanted to ensure that everyone in the room saw it.

For some reason though, he stopped it at the 25 second mark I was told and then went off muttering:
  • "Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis, who chaired Thursday's waste management meeting, said he attempted to get city council to defer a decision on the fate of Tecumseh and Amherstburg daycares, but wasn't successful."

It was to justify something that he saw but no one else did it seems. He just HAD to show it so the Mayor character would not be blamed.

Interestingly, those who played it past that mark right to the end, other Councillors as an example, shook their heads and took a different view saying:

  • "Some Windsor councillors also expressed shock at claims by Mayor Eddie Francis he attempted to get council to defer a decision on the fate of the two county daycares, but wasn’t successful.

    Francis told reporters Thursday he attempted to get council to defer a decision on Tecumseh and Amherstburg’s daycares.

    “I was surprised to hear that,” said Coun. Drew Dilkens. “That was the first I heard of his being interested in deferral for those locations. The support would have been there if he actually put that motion forward.”

    Several councillors said it was Dilkens who lobbied for a deferral to allow for a special meeting this month with the county."

Edgar obviously mixed up the actors playing Windsor's Mayor and Councillor Lewenza because it was the Councillor who sought deferral to involve the County twice.

No wonder so many people want to see the movie for themselves. They want to know the truth.

Can you imagine if the Director could only have put these famous movie lines in the film somehow:

  • You want answers?
  • I think I'm entitled.
  • You want answers?!
  • I want the truth!
  • You can't handle the truth!

Now that's entertainment!