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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Manipulating The Star Forums

I am so sick and tired about people complaining that the Star does not post their notes on the Star forums or that the Star censors them or is one-sided in what they post or that comments are planted or not real .

Especially from those whiny CUPE supporters who always [expletive deleted].

Let me show you what I posted and when and what I saw when I submitted my note. I want to end this controversy once and for all.

I posted a comment on the story "Feds to ponder purchase of Ambassador Bridge" in the name of JoeBlog at 4:12 PM. Here it is:
  • "JoeBlog
    4:12 PM on February 9, 2010

    Harper personally has tried at least 3 times to discuss the Windsor/Detroit border with US Presidents Bush and Obama and has been rebuffed.

    If this story is true, it makes a mockery of the Government's position that it should spend billions to build a new bridge a mile downriver!

    It is absolutely clear now that their whole Detroit River International Crossing exercise was nothing more than trying to take over the Ambassador Bridge cheaply by threatening to bankrupt Moroun's business.

    This all started in 2002 and we are no further ahead and in fact we are worse off since there have been lawsuits started that will take a decade to finish.

    By the time this is over, the bridge will become a symbol of our worsening relationship with the US--remember NAFTAgate--- and could become our next softwood lumber dispute.

    Check out windsorcityblog's latest posting re "Border Vindication" to understand this better."

I did see it online for a few minutes but when I checked later it was missing for some reason.

But when it was submitted, guess what else I saw. Two other comments that are still posted there. Notice their times please

  • "4:36 PM on February 9, 2010


    Infrastucture of the magnitude of the Ambassador Bridge is often referred to as a natural monopoly and as such public owner ship is not unusual.

    A public private partnership would be in the North American publics best interest."

And take a look at this one

  • 4:44 PM on February 9, 2010

    REALITY !!!

    Any crossing between Canada and the USA should be owned by the people and should not be in private hands. Despite what we are conditioned to think, not everything that is privately owned is " better". The Ambassador bridge is the only privately owned crossing, but still charges the highest tolls. The government should than can lower tolls for people and trade crossing this bridge which will be a win win situation for everyone. For once, its time to put people before profits, as we can see this profit before anything else menality has nearly driven Canada and the USA into bankruptcy and has ruined the lives of millions over the last several years."
I made a copy of this and emailed it to myself to keep a reord.

How can this be? Two comments timed after my 4:12 PM comment all of a sudden appearing when mine was submitted at 4:12 PM. And then mine disappearing.

I somehow for a few minutes was able to see the future. It must have been some freakish time-warp that I thought only appeared in Sci-Fi movies, not in real life. If only I had submitted a comment on the Lottery....I might have seen the winning numbers in advance too. {sigh}.

Wow, do you think those CUPE supporters might be on to something after all!