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Friday, October 02, 2009

We Need A New Audit Committee (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the BLOG "More on the 200 Audit"

Ho, ho, ho. I told you it would play itself out.

My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

What a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. The Eminence Greasie deserves a huge bonus for this one I am sure that you will agree.

Why do you have that puzzled expression on your face, dear reader. You understand the distraction strategy by now don't you? You have been reading my BLOGs long enough to understand it haven't you.

First, whatever happened to the big story of the week---Ken Lewenza and the CUPE strike. Poof, gone, disappeared.

Poor Anne Jarvis. She did not get her chance to dump on Junior with more important events taking place. I am sure that Gord will have more vital concerns to deal with than why did Edgar (aka Eddie) do everything right during the CUPE strike and that Junior is merely trying to protect his failing poltiical career by winning friends amongst his Union buddies.

We need to quiet down this story before it gets legs and people start wondering if Junior is right if he is risking his career on it. Where there is smoke, there is fire after all.

Second---what took its place: the 400 Building audit.

Here is how it became the big story:
  • Star headline "'It's unbelieveable' 400 building report will never be released, former auditor says"
  • Lawyer who lives more than 4-500Km away from Windsor retained by the Audit Committee and gives the opinion that "detailed how audit information prepared by Dunbar — which he and the committee have labelled a “draft report” — cannot legally be released because it would be a violation of Ontario’s Municipal Act."
  • Anne Jarvis column
  • Star Editorial

Of course everyone is outraged as we should be. This is a stalling exercise almost as good as Schwartz and Greenlink! That has stalled the border file resolution for years.

But of course it fits into the pattern I described. I can hardly wait for Gord's outrage.

And the pièce de résistance, Edgar's demand either in the Star on Monday or at Council demanding a change to the Audit Committee function and new members. First a study by outside Accounting consultants and governance experts, then an Administration Report and then...oooops too late, the election is coming up. Leave it for the next Council to decide.

No 200 errrrr 400 Building Dunbar Audit risks, no East End Arena audit, no risk to existing Councillors, new and improved Audit committee, CUPE strike...what CUPE strike.

I love it!