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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Will The Motions Pass

Two Motions to help make Windsor's failing Democracy work.

I wonder what odds the Casino is giving for either of them to pass. Imagine the odds for both to pass:

At the Monday September 21, 2009 Windsor City Council meeting, notice was given that two Councillors intend to bring forward motions for consideration by Council at the September 28, 2009 meeting of Council, specifically as follows:
  • 1. Moved by Councillor Dilkens, seconded by Councillor ____________,

    Whereas, Windsor City Council strives to be an open, transparent, and accountable government; and

    Whereas, Members of Council can make better decisions by knowing in advance the specific nature of the topics to be discussed;

    Therefore be it resolved, that the following clause be added to the City of Windsor Procedural ByLaw 420-2001:

    3.3 (d) In the event that the subject matter to be considered at a Special Meeting qualifies to be considered in closed session pursuant to section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, the public notice of meeting provided by the Clerk shall contain the general nature of the matter to be considered as required by the Act, and in addition, the Clerk shall provide to all members of Council a further notice which contains specifics of the confidential matters to be considered.

    2. Moved by Councillor Lewenza, seconded by Councillor ____________,

    That administration make public all failed and accepted in camera motions that are related to labour negotiations with CUPE 543 & 82.

How can the Mayor or any Councillor dare vote against them?

Let's see if procedural games will kill both or either of them.

UPDATE: Both Motions passed.

A love-in on the first with no one blaming anyone since they do it this way already don't you know. But if it makes taxpayers happy, then let's do it. Of course it had nothing to do with Edgar as Councillors were at pains to tell us even as Principal Edgar scolded them.

On the second, the real fun was watching the animosity during the debate between Councillors Hatfield and Lewenza. Surprisingly to me, Councillor Hatfield did not want the Motions given out---it might impact the next round of negotiations somehow---nor did Councillor Postma in the vote. Councillor Solidarity broke down amongst the left-wingers on Council it seems on this vote.

It became very personal for reasons that remain to be seen.

No need to be concerned though. The Mayor had the in camera materials all ready to be given out. Openness and transparency after all.

Anyway, watch for the hatchet job on Junior in the media over the next few weeks. He must be taught a lesson not to attack them.