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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lewenza Is Right

Ooooo, Ooooo, Ooooo! I can hardly wait for Gord's Lewenza smear job on Saturday! Mini-Gord's attempt today was pathetic. We need to see a real pro do the job properly.

We can now make the assumption that Junior is right in what he is claiming even without reading what he has to say. After all, nothing like being discredited in the Star, the news source for Windsor, right.

If Junior is not right, then he is finished, and not just municipally, so much is riding on what he has to say and how he says it and when.

A real concern for him is how he gets his viewpoint out as well. Will he get a fair opportunity to present his case in the media? Perhaps he should challenge Edgar to a debate and watch him refuse just like the Councillor formerly known as Councillor Budget!

I am sure that you know already that David Miller is NOT running again for Mayor of Toronto. One of the reasons:
  • "The once union-friendly Miller received widespread criticism for his handling of the summer’s six-week-long civic worker strike and for the first time during his run as mayor was not invited to take part in the Labour Day Parade."

To the dismay of some, the real facts about the results of Windsor's strike may now come out and be open to public review and scrutiny! We may see who the real winners and losers are. And who has been spinning the story and for what reason.

You see, as I have Blogged before, the media in Toronto actually told their citizens how bad the strike settlement was for taxpayers and how Miller had failed in what he had tried to achieve as his goal. He folded. He paid the political price too.

In Windsor, Edgar (aka Eddie) has been painted as a hero with the focus on PRBs, not the settlement itself or what the strike really cost Windsor. Frankly, there was no need to have one in the first place as the Minutes clearly indicate. The results were a huge CUPE win as I Blogged "July 27, 2009, "CUPE Strike: Little To Do With PRBs"

And that is the concern. If Lewenza's "facts" come out and if they are similar to those in Toronto, is Edgar finished? How could he possibly run again? Will he follow Miller's approach and not run for family reasons?

Mini-Gord went on the attack. Clearly, he did not read my BLOG on the Strike Minutes or else he would not have written:

  • "Some of the votes were a little murky. But mostly it's crystal clear which councillors were willing to force taxpayers to pay gigantic sums to give CUPE what it wanted, and which councillors were resisting the union's siren call."

I suspect that Junior will reveal some details that will be shocking once the numbers are in. The anti-CUPE types may well be forced into hiding if what I suspect will be said is true.

The Casino betting room should be busy:

  • "Start placing your bets now, because political careers are going to be made and broken in the next few months on the basis of how each councillor voted behind those closed doors."

I found this interesting as well as part of the tactic. If Edgar had anything to hide, why would he do this:

  • "Mayor Eddie Francis didn't seem to be in any doubt about what the in-camera record would reveal to savvy voters: he countered Lewenza Jr.'s histrionics about openness by having the minutes compiled, photocopied and ready for release the minute the vote passed. Wham! There they were."

Edgar is counting on people NOT reading the Minutes and counting on the Star, the Messenger, for their information. The hope is that if Junior takes forever to issue his report or if it is sloppily done, then Edgar's bluff worked and he survives. Weeks of smearing will not hurt either.

Why else do you think that the Dunbar audit made the headlines again. Distract, distract, distract.

One problem for Edgar and his Messenger---Bloggers. We are "savvy voters" and we have readers and distribution abilities.

No wonder someone tried to smear me on the Star Forum 400 Audit today by using my name as author with an attack on Councillor Marra. I guess that I, as a Blogger, have more power and credibility than I thought.