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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New City Hall Bible

Service Delivery Review and "SDR." Get familiar with these terms. Whenever Eddie over the next year or so before the election wants to do something, SDR will be trotted out to justify it. It is his new reference book.

Take Dev Tyagi for instance. Did he quit? Was he fired? Why did he leave? The answer given by the Mayor was "SDR Restructuring" eliminated Tyagi’s position as GM of public works. Oh please.

How much will this cost taxpayers since clearly there was no "cause" issue? 12, 15, 18 months or even 2 years' salary might not be unreasonable given John's payment and Eddie's foolish concession about 2 years for a long-term, senior official. You are most welcome Dev!

Yes sir, the Department charged with all of this multi-million dollar infrastructure work that requires the hiring of outsiders to get it done does not need a Head. Who is Eddie trying to kid!

We have a joint temporary leadership for heaven's sake:
  • "while city engineer Mario Sonego and executive director of operations Mike Palanacki have joint temporary leadership of public works."

We just gave Mike Palanacki his excuse when the next Dead Men Do Not Pump Gas audit comes out: another change in management as he talked about before!

I wonder who gave Dev the good news. John as his last act as CAO or Helga as her first act.

Poor formerly "Acting C-A-O Ronna Warsh." She did not earn the permanent job.

When did Council find out about some of these changes....right after Labour Day I heard when it was sprung on them by the Mayor in another in camera meeting. No heads up, but here it is.

I wonder if there actually was a written and signed contract with the CAO. Eddie was supposed to have drafted one but did he? I remember the stories about the difficulty that a member of Council had trying to get a copy. I am not sure if the Councillor actually saw a signed version.

Can you believe the generous severance package. The CAO decides to go and he gets 12 1/2 months in a 5 year agreement and possibly 15 months. At his salary level, it is a nice parting gift. In fact, he claimed at the press conference he was only going to stay around 5 years. So why are we giving him a package at all?

Way to negotiate the upfront concession Eddie!

Apparently John does not have a new job yet. Will he point out to his prospective new employer what he said as a member of the WEDC Board when he resigned? Will he inform his new employer about the low point in his career that almost resulted in a near riot?

There was no advertising for a new CAO. We had this wonderful succession plan in place. You know the one where Tyagi's postiion is being filled temporarily by 2 people. Anyway, it would have taken too long to fill and cost us too much for a headhunter.

Not wishing to say anything negative about Helga who handled the CUPE negotiations, we see Eddie's style again. Eddie knew John was leaving at 5 years so one might ask why the search for a replacement could not have started a year ago or had the decision been made then that Helga was going to replace him? Did Councillors know that or did Eddie forget to tell them?

Get worried CUPE workers. You know you are next. Get ready Windsorites for wildcat strikes, but please, I beg you, after the election!

We now can look forward to a "change agenda." Apparently, according to Helga, most people knew during budget deliberations that no assurances of jobs can be given since there is a change agenda on the horizon.

Don't worry though CUPE members, with Helga there will be an "open, transparent and consultative process." Use the strike negotiations as your precedent of this style and feel so comfortable.

You know that money to study canals and is readily available. However, our City Hall structure needs to be realigned recognizing reductions in revenue, limited cost recovery opportunities, decrease in assessment.

All of a sudden we have money problems and SDR will be the excuse to be dragged up whenever a reason need be given.

Get ready for it. You have been warned.