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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Greenlink Is Dead; Is the Airport

No tears. No obituary notice. Not even a proper burial by the Mayor.

How rude.

Buried instead in a mini-Gord "why the airport is a really dumb dream but let's pretend that it has a chance since Eddie and Council have nothing else before an election" column:
  • "With the border crossing and new highway "investments" pretty much wrapped up, nothing else looms larger than the airport lands as a generator of jobs, the mayor says. Most councillors seem to agree."

One other thought...Take a look at these comments:

  • "The worldwide air cargo industry is currently "in a little bit of a crisis," Schmid told council.'

  • "Worldwide, Schmid admitted, "the trend is to private investment." But since Windsor owns the land and the facilities, "a mix" might be in order in this case. "I think you have to be flexible."

  • "How many jobs could be created? It's too soon to speak in those terms, Schmid said."

Hardly words of comfort for us to spend Eddie's guesstimate of $20M of taxpayer money for a terminal. That amount is based on what?

However, here is the shocking revelation that may explain about Eddie and his visions:

  • "But Mayor Eddie Francis already has a vision of a bustling airport filling his mind's eye..."

I got it. Do you think Eddie's mind's eye may need glasses!