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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Read All About It

Here is what readers are writing about:

1) Wouldn't the Mayor like to command the respect you have from his staff.

2) re: You Are Sooooo Rude

Thank you Ed for putting the atmosphere into context so well.

3) Regarding your 'so rude' blog. Wow! Right on the money!

Week 3 showed management dropping the hammer. No more easing back. Time to work! The [Name of Department] had a meeting last week. Performance sucks. The ship is sinking and you all know what happens to the captain the boss said!

Then the caseworker got fired. Then garbage men suspended for 60 hours which added more delays.

4) here's what I wrote as a comment to gord's comment on the bridge in the star:

"That's gord for ya! Screw the workers (CUPE), you know we have to keep taxes under control.....then 2 weeks later lobby for extra funds to make sure that south windsor gets more parks, and hides the trucks underground...

What a joke.....oh yea and didn't you retire gord?"

What hiprocrisy!

Moroun is going to build a bridge for free, isn't he?

5) I was reading your blog and came across a comment on Indian Road.
it reminded me of a video I taped back in August of 2008. I videoed
this for a sister in law who can't get around town on her own. Not a
great or pretty thing to see, but it was interesting for her none the
less. Even more interesting is the fact that this video was done last
year but how long before that have they been left this way? And nothing
has changed since. I counted 16 boarded up homes but that was only on
the side I recorded, along with empty lots filled with dirt and gravel,
awaiting their usefulness.

The buildings are left to rot.....very sad indeed. What I don't
understand is why it's important to not disturb the soil because there
may be native artifacts, etc hidden within it, yet the homes were built
there already and if there was anything to be found, apparently no one
cared then, so why now. If they were disturbed, chances are they were
destroyed.....but I guess whatever excuse necessary to hold back Matty
is all that matters. It just needs to 'sound' plausible. Sigh....I'm
so embarassed to be living in Windsor these days. I, for one, will be
happy when his 'Eminence Greasie' is long gone and all of the crap he's
left behind is picked up and dumped in a landfill in Michigan.....

I've attached my Youtube video, it's nothing special, (more embarrassing
than anything)....just wanted to share.

6) Seeing my comments on your blog about the 15000 “jobs” the construction of the parkway and bridge will bring.

15000 jobs * 5 years * 52 weeks/year * 40 hours/week * $20/hour wage = $3.12 billion in labour

I guess I’m so upset about this issue is that it is blatant politicking. Politicians taking advantage of a population ravaged by unemployment. Dangling this carrot of jobs is, well, abusive. Does anyone have the guts to stand up and say exactly how many people will need to be hired to do this project. This is a political hand grenade and when 15000 people don’t get hired the outcry will be huge someone is going to be out of an MPP job.

Maybe that’s why in the Monday, August 9th article they told us the number of full-time direct jobs was only going to be 1859 direct full-time jobs and there was no attention drawn to this much smaller number. So in the future they can say “we told you there weren’t 15000 jobs, weren’t you paying attention?”

I don’t understand why no one else has picked-up on this. I’m disgusted with the whole process and then to be continually misled in the media and nobody else has figured out that 15000 is an impossible number. I am at a loss.

7) Did you hear the interview with Jim Prentice and Patty Handysides on
CKLW late yesterday? He said "when the new bridge is built adjacent to
the bridge" was this a slip?, an announcement?

Yes, I can't believe misperceptions, inaccurate information etc - it
just never ends!

8) [Re contracting out] It would bust the union and it will with this method.

It is so obvious. You would have to be blind to miss it.

9) [RE next pay stub] You read my mind I think :) It is still there glaring me in the face Unpaid Leave $X. Bastards.

10) Yet Another supervisor posting! Nice pay too!

(Approximately 4 – 6 months)

DEPARTMENT: Housing and Children’s Services

LOCATION: 400 City Hall Square East


REASON: Position #3996

CORE FUNCTION: Reporting to the Manager of Municipal Early Learning and Child Care Centres and in co-operation with other centre staff, is responsible for the operation of the extended programs associated with the Jefferson Early Learning and Child Care Centre.

CLASSIFICATION Classification NU12 in the Non-Union Salary Schedule with a bi-weekly
UNDER SCHEDULE: rate of $2,656.71 to $3,229.26

11) [Re Red Bull] Here's the scoop.

From reports I have heard Dwight only wants to pay half.

He must have read the numbers weren't so great as he said.
So unless they come to a deal by next week no announcement.

Funny how things work.......Mike Goulian just won his first Red Bull Race and his first major appearance is in Windsor. What a beautiful photo op for anyone,

12) [Re Ferry project] Brian Masse can't understand why the Federal Government is [not] ponying up on this shovel ready project. Funny he doesn't ask the Federal Government to allow the shovel ready Ambassador bridge enhancement project to move ahead. In fact I think he should be insisting the Federal Government allow it to move ahead as there is no infusion of taxpayer money required. He is such a hypocrit.

13) Maybe they should be called "Greg Ward Fairy Stories".

The paragraph "Thousands of Windsor workers who commute daily to Detroit may soon be able to leave their gas guzzlers at home and take the ferry instead" should be a huge hint as to whether this will ever come to fruition. I can't see anyone in any level of government that would do anything to interfere with the Tunnel.

14) [Re The Grass Still Ain't Going To Cut It] ... not to mention the inconsistency that they had issued demolition permits for several houses (which had been demolished) architecturally identical to some of the current structures proposed for demolition. The bottom line is that the rules changed for no reason other than the identity of the applicant. Prior applications which were approved had no such submittal requirements.

15) Just reading those words today brought back all the rage. I just wanted to send you my blog...

Fun article. I love how you give your readers a chance to be heard. Thanks again!

"Mr Henderson,

In what part of the city do you reside where the 'dust' has settled. There is nothing settled and you are sprinkling dust on some unhealed wounds. This strike was not necessary; we were pawns in a game of taxpayers versus the mayor and council; taxpayers versus CUPE; oh yes, CUPE versus the mayor. The strike was filthy and destructive, to not only the city's appearance but to all parties involved.

Today, there is still garbage to be picked up, council members either not speaking to each other or publicly attacking each other, managers lashing out or giving the cold shoulder to their workers, threats against CUPE members, charges pending for some. On an interpersonal level, relationships have been negatively impacted in public and the workplace. Coworkers who once were friends, are now enemies. Each writer here can talk of their own experiences, probably with a great deal of emotional content behind it. But the only cheering I've seen or heard since the beginning of the strike was when the YES vote came in. We cheered NOT because we won, we cheered because the strike was over, one of the most horrible times of our lives. I'm pretty sure no one else was cheering either.


Your desire to mock and punish City employees with this article, is preventing the city from healing. And I for one, need very badly to heal and move on. I would suggest you do the same. This will be my last blog, indeed, the last time I read the Star. My rage and disgust have reached an all time high."

16) Just to let you know, that Sandra/Dwight photo op/media stunt from Monday was
originally scheduled for the previous Friday.