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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Stephen Really, Really Needs Matty Now

Stephen, you really do need to start listening to me and soon. My sources were able to provide me with a copy of the letter from Janet, not Jackson, Napolitano . It's a hum-dinger!

I am trying to help you in your difficult position. It's not looking too good for you right now.

IGGY knows Obama's people a lot better than you. Heck he got a one-on-one with the President back in February. You got the brush-off at the Three Amigos Summit:
  • "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff got the 30 minutes he wanted with President Barack Obama Thursday.

    Ignatieff said that "serious business" was accomplished in his meeting with Obama, and they spoke about hot topic issues such as Afghanistan and U.S. trade protectionism."

Did you remember this:

  • "Obama's foreign adviser was Ignatieff's Harvard 'soulmate'

    Ms. Power is not the only one to give Mr. Obama advice on world affairs, but is usually cited as his senior foreign policy adviser, a position that could mean much for Canada...

    But Ms. Power has other agendas at play, including a meeting with her old Harvard friend and colleague, Michael Ignatieff..

    Mr. Ignatieff and Ms. Power worked closely together at Harvard on human rights issues and have been labelled by some American political analysts as "soulmates."

Do you think the President wants a new Prime Minister, Stephen?

I told you the other day that you needed Matty as your best friend not as your foe. Here is another example for you and in writing too.

Want to see how real power politics is played in the big leagues of International Diplomacy. Read Janet Napolitano's letter.

I can just imagine the Homeland Security Secretary chuckling as she signed the letter that stuck a knife in the ribs of those in Canada who thought they could pressure President Obama to fire her! I wonder if she asked for an extra Drone flight just to have a few extra smiles and to rub it in.

The Canada Desk at the US State Department must be reading my BLOG after all and have identified what Canada's objectives are. It is clear that they have taken the information up the chain and their Superiors do not like what they see.

The excuses in the letter are all nonsense with pre-clearance at airports now and at foreign container ports. But who cares? That ends the matter for the time being.

The message to Stephen is clear: if Canada wants Shared Border Management at Fort Erie/Buffalo, guess who is entitled to it as well at Windsor/Detroit! Canada cannot allow that since it kills DRIC. Isn't that why the Deputy PM really threatened Detroit when the Bridge Company was going to manage the Tunnel with their 200 booth plan!

This letter is really President Obama saying to Prime Minister Harper
  • Security still trumps everything else, especially when it comes to Canada
  • I still remember NAFTA-gate
  • I meant to snub you at the Three Amigos Summit in case you were wondering
  • I thought I was inviting the Governor-General to meet me in DC in September, not you
  • I can crush the economy of Canada with protectionism any time I want
  • Don't dare ever threaten the US again with energy or oil cut-backs
  • If I want to renegotiate NAFTA, I will
  • I would rather go to Mexico in the winter for fun in the sun than Ottawa so if you think I am interested in bi-lateral talks with you only, forget it
  • Oh and I am not going to have a Dubai ports fiasco with the Ambassador Bridge either
  • Dream up other excuses other than traffic, security and redundancy before I help Canada destroy an American business and give it to a Canadian one
  • I believe in Environmantal Justice
  • Go solve your issues with Matty and call me
  • BTW, you have no supporters any more for SBM. Hillary Clinton knows who the President is.

Yes, Stephen, it is that bad! This is a huge setback. It shows how poor Canada/US relations are now under your watch and they are getting worse. No wonder IGGY is smiling.