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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Short Strike Aftermath Blogs

Still more stories after the strike


It is just too co-incidental.

The stories I heard early on out of Windsor, and not just from CUPE people, suggested that our strike was to end much later. The expectation was around the end of August. I do not know about Toronto's. Even Junior said he predicted a 4 month strike and he should know better as an insider.

What I do find interesting is that all of a sudden after the Caboto fiasco, serious negotiations took place in Windsor and the same happened in Toronto. Settlements in both cities came in at around the same percentages too.

Strikes resolved.

Perhaps one day we might find out if there was a link. At the OLRB hearing perhaps.


I am advised that City CAO John Skorobohacz "asked to come to the negotiating table to apologize and did so."

As for the Mayor who made the ultimate decision that almost caused a near-riot, while he said "We apologized obviously and I will apologize," I am advised that "The mayor NEVER contacted the Union (before or after the above statement)."


There is really something very, very strange going on. When I first wrote this short BLOG, it was late in the PM after the Civic Holiday weekend and my garbage had still not yet been picked up. That was very unusual.

The next week, garbage was not picked up until days later and then by a single person in a City pickup truck.

The Star told us:
  • "Homeowners can expect growing delays with garbage pickup following the 15-week strike by municipal workers.

    With the first week of collection nearing an end, garbage pickup is nearly a full day behind keeping up with its regular routes, said AnneMarie Albidone, environmental administrator for the city.

    “It’s difficult to say how long it will continue in this fashion,” she said.

I looked at the City website and it said this:

  • "Due to the large volumes of garbage and recycle this week, following the recent work stoppage, we wish to advise residents that collection will still be delayed in the coming days...

    For the week of August 3, 2009 be advised that delays will continue due to the volume of garbage and recycling from the week of July 27, as well as the delay caused by the Civic Holiday (Monday August 3, 2009.

Then I read this:

  • "The lack of overtime is also contributing to continuing delays for garbage and recycling collection.

    Tim Tidridge, acting manager of environmental services, said crews have completed about 60 per cent of the garbage that was due for pick-up last Thursday and should get the other 40 per cent today. In terms of recycling, Tidridge said 80 per cent of last Friday’s recycling should be picked up by the end of today.

    Areas where garbage has been stored in alleys are proving particularly time consuming, with routes that normally total about 17 tonnes coming in at 40 tonnes, said Tidridge."

How can this be? It seems that there are tonnes of garbage around yet our Mayor told us during the strike:

  • "Entering into the 11th week of a strike you would expect garbage to be piled up and residents to be calling city hall demanding city hall to capitulate. That hasn't taken place," Francis told CTV News Channel on Monday from Windsor.

    Approximately 75 per cent of the city's garbage has been accounted for at transfer stations and Francis believes he has the support of the residents...."
  • Mr. Francis cited a "tremendous result," saying the city has been able to account for nearly 80% of all garbage - a factor that strengthens the city's position at the bargaining table, as citizens are not faced with the prospect of trash-strewn, foul-smelling streets.

Then the story changed just slightly why we had private pick-ups. It was no longer to help defeat the Union but rather:

  • "By comparison, in Windsor last Thursday, the city and 1,800 garbage workers reached a deal to end a 101-day strike. That day, council reviewed the deal and a prioritized cleanup plan. The next day, workers endorsed the deal and the strike was officially over.

    Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis said paying for trash to be picked up by private companies during the strike paid off.

    "We wanted to be in a position post-strike where we could immediately begin delivering services to the residents," he said last week."

So if so much garbage--75-80%-- had been picked up from citizens who were so supportive and the City was so ready to delvier services, then why is there such a huge backlog?

Considering that all garbage, yard waste and recyclable pick-ups are still not back to normal, maybe there was an error---it was only 20-25% of the garbage that citizens brought. The Mayor just had the numbers mixed up.


OMG, our newest political Blogger takes a strip off of our Mayor. He started his political Blog after we met for coffee one day.

And you thought I was harsh. Check out his BLOG where he sets out the 10 Principles of Leadership. Eddie earned out of 10....well you read it for yourself.

Anotehr new Blogger also gave me credit for gettign her started. She also happens to be a School Board Trustee. Hers is a different mix of topics.

Where pray tell is YOUR BLOG?


If you read this comment from Eddie in the Toronto Star it would seem so would it not

  • "Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis was prepared to deal with angry residents as the recent 101-day municipal strike in his city dragged on. But Francis said Windsor residents supported his stance that the city had to dump lifetime retiree benefits for its employees."

Of course, the quote is wrong. It is supposedly for new hires (although I think they still have them legally)

I guess CUPE will know now what the issue will be for its next strike and better start preparing for it if Eddie is re-elected or the Councillor formerly known as Councillor Budget runs and wins.


I do not understand why this is being discussed in camera and not in front of the cameras:

  • "City looking at outsourcing ticketing

    Mayor Eddie Francis said council is under an “extreme amount of pressure” to maintain service levels while keeping a lid on taxes and that “no one should be afraid … of looking at new ways of doing things.”

    Francis said the latest move has nothing to do with the recent strike, other than that the long labour dispute delayed what council, behind closed doors, agreed in principle to look at earlier this year during the 2009 budget sessions. Administration is preparing a detailed report, which the mayor expects will come before council in September.

    Coun. Ken Lewenza Jr. said he’s firmly opposed to privatizing Windsor’s garbage collection, but that he’s open to a council discussion on parking enforcement. However, Lewenza said he expects the staff report to look at all alternatives to the status quo, including working with CUPE to find efficiencies in-house.

    As for outright privatization of city parking enforcement, “that wasn’t the intention when it was first discussed … but I think some (council) members might see this as an opportunity to present that case,” said Lewenza."

    Why is a new report being planned on outsourcing if we are also in the midst of a Services Delivery review? Makes no sense to me.

Obviously, there was a report already prepared on outsourcing garbage. Why has it not been disclosed?

I see that Junior, the Unionists' friend, has learned to speak like a former PM. Outsourcing if necessary but not necessarily outsourcing.

So Junior personally will oppose outsourcing garbage but does not really care what COUNCIL does on ticketing. Hmmm is he running for Mayor now? he is starting to sound like Eddie. Blame it on Council, not him!