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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is The March 13 Letter Bad Luck For Councillor Jones

I feel sorry for the Bridge Company. They are abused more than one suspects.

That letter above, read it carefully. I Blogged about it several months ago on May 25, 2009 "Postma's Demolition Notice of Motion" to be exact.

I wrote at the time:
  • "Here is a copy of the letter to the Bridge Company. If you received it, would you have the faintest idea what you were to do with it other than file it in the garbage can!"

Councillor Jones raised an issue at Council recently in the following terms and that letter was brought up again. Wow, the Clerk has a great memory to remember this specific letter, its date and its contents just like that:

Listen closely to what his questions were and how the Clerk answered them and then read the transcript. You decide if it says what the Clerk says it does:
  • "COUNCILLOR JONES: Thank you Your Worship. And I guess through you to the Clerk. Madam Clerk, have we or have we not sent out invitations to the Bridge Company to reveal their plans in terms of what they term greening, over the last little while?

    CITY CLERK: Your Worship, Members of Council, yes on March 13th, a letter was sent to the Canadian Transit Company with that express invitation.

    COUNCILLOR JONES: And in that…did you indicate to them that Council cared to meet with them so that they would in fact have opportunity to show Members of Council, the Mayor and the citizens their plan?

    CITY CLERK: Yes it did.

    COUNCILLOR JONES: Alright then, Your Worship, I’m wondering whether through your office or through the CIO, that we would send a letter to the Bridge Company asking them to make a presentation to Council, to the Mayor, on any site that they choose to make their presentation, for as long as they care to make their presentation and that the Council and public-at-large be invited.

Perhaps there was a different March 13 letter that was sent out, a separate Letter of Invitation, that somehow got lost in the mail since all that I can see is a letter enclosing a copy of a Resolution.

I wonder if the newest letter suggested by the Councillor will ever be sent out since no one on Council agreed to do so.

Of course, this is nothing but a bridge game. Other parties merely have to tear down a house and agree to put in grass and their applications for demolition are accepted on consent at Council ie NO debate needed. The Bridge Company is being treated in a much different manner to prevent them from doing what the neighbours in the area asked for in a petition.

As Councillor Mom expressed it so inelegantly but so honestly, for the Bridge Company

  • "The Grass Ain't Going To Cut It."

In fact, nothing ever will.