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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Reader Said This

Here is what some of my readers have sent me over the past few days. Did your email get lost in cyberspace or did you forget to send it?

1) Of course Windsor is in position to take advantage of cargo. So is every other friggin airport on the planet.

Mind you IF they would have said no it's not (truth hurts) they would lose
out on future considerations or studies.

The new taxiway the airport is getting (paid by the feds) will have over 10% of the
money eaten up by studies alone, then design, build, press release, and so on.
See the pattern?

If the airport gets the go ahead for more development of course more studies and fees
will follow.

So what is the incentive to tell Windsor Airport the reality? none.
Give them hope, priceless.

The money that would have to go into Windsor Airport for support equipment alone is more than the Ontario budget. no kidding.

Runway development and environmental studies. millions just to talk about it.
We're talking 2020 to be shovel ready.

Greenlink is a the perfect example of wasted money and effort.

2) $220,000 for a consultant's study to tell the city they need to promote the airport to businesses so they can learn about YQG. What a joke !!! Maybe we should give the next part of the study to the business class at the Odette School of Business as a class project.

There is no possible way you are going to get US Customs located at the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada doesn't need to spend any more money regarding space exploration... just interview the Mayor. He has to be from another galaxy proposing his idea.

3) Did anyone else see the FRONT PAGE Windsor Star article today written by Craig Pearson?
The State of Michigan has NOT
a) done the required studies and environmental assessments;
b) nor acquired (or attempted to buy) even one property for roads to such a bridge;
c) passed any legislation supporting it;
as regards a new International Bridge...

The Republican leader of the opposition in the State Senate states that
> no one wants a new bridge;
>they didn't want to spend the $2million they did studying the proposal 18 months ago;
>International traffic over the present bridge is down 34% in the past 2 years (55% since 2001) so the present Ambassador Bridge is more than adequate;
>the private owner of the present bridge (Matty Maroun) is willing to spend his own money to build a new, second span, and (the suggestion is) "let him do it! - forget a new bridge." as well, he says: the State of Michigan has just contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to improved acess to the old bridge.
Does anyone REALLY think a new International Bridge is ever going to be built?
(all those 20,000 jobs, guys building a bridge-really??)

4) Well I know you take your reputation seriously and won't be manufacturing anything not as true at the time you release it. But if you could find some place someone to quote that would give you cover I think the most fantastic story would be, No Problem, Canada will go it alone, buy the land on the other side and put her up.

5) Don't underestimate the self-reliance of Windsor" by Gord Henderson, was the last straw for me. I wrote a blog, then said it was my last one, as this would be the last time I read the Star. He sensationalized that ugly, painful strike and gave the public the credit for crushing the union stronghold on the city.

"Now that the dust has settled and the wailing and gnashing of teeth has subsided, please stand and take a bow for doing your part to help Windsor win a historic, ground-shifting victory over forces determined to keep city taxpayers forever in chains."

Unbelievable! I was livid.... I have not, nor will I ever, read the Star again.

6) very well written article Ed. The more you dig, the more that strike seemed to be part of a conspiracy. For the workers, everyone I've spoken to has said the strike was the most horrible experience of their lives. The CUPE leaders were uneducated and unprepared to deal with Eddie. Members could not look to union nor our employer for support. We were lost, forced to collect our $200 per week, with no hope in sight. There was no glamour in this strike. And let's not forget the damaging effects of public versus CUPE. I'll move away before I ever do that again. At least you do not sensationalize the situation. You look for all the hidden factors that contributed to the strike's dynamics. I think that helps us strikers reconcile the negative effects it had on us. Thanks again Ed.

7) Stupid paper! Great video

Glad i got 2 see it as i cant watch council

8)Glad you came out and said it about the star! I tell everyone I know to cancel the star.

9)[Re moderated comments] Thanks--I am a new reader, just since the strike so I'm not up on all of the previous problems with the blog. But I can understand why you do it this way. Thanks--it's nice to have a different slant on things.

10) Re: You Held the Line

One sentence jumped off the page in the open letter to CUPE. It was "Strikes are momentous life changing experiences" How very true this is. I don't know if I am naive or gullible but the strike made me realize that I no longer feel the same about my councillors or mayor, realized that the Windsor Star only publishes one side of any story, their side and that many of us have lost the sense of community we once had. Thank you to whom ever wrote the open letter. Those of us who walked the picket lines for 14 weeks know how much support we had out there, it was incredible and surprising.

11) As charismatic as Obama may be, he is sadly out of touch with reality regarding his own buy US policy under the "stimulus project."

All you have to do is ask the 2300 workers at Stelco in Hamilton how the buy US policy affected their jobs when Canadian steel was virtually disallowed from use in all US government stimulus projects. Stelco is now mothballed and the 2300 employees are now out of work. The steel came from US Steel (the current owners of Stelco) plants in Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Why is it politicians (of whatever party) find it difficult to tell the truth anymore. Do they really think that we the public are stupid?

12) I was always dubious of the fantastic job numbers. The only way to use 15000 people on a project is to dig by hand and wheelbarrow.

I think you and I both know that Greensink was dead long ago. Only the Monty Python denial that it really isn’t dead, just resting.

13) Penny for your thoughts on the article in todays star on jobs and the new bridge - headline 15000 jobs in the story less than 2000 actual jobs.

Windsor Star mistake? Strategic move to sour the public? Tactical decision to hurt someone’s credibility? Or to lessen the blow of actual jobs lost when the project is scuttled?

14) The Windsor Star has a Blog today on CUPE Garbage Collectors' being behind and no overtime to catch up. I know a CUPE worker who has been working overtime. Without going into details, there would be huge consequences if they did not put in this overtime and Management is extremely thank full of cooperation in this. No overtime ordered by Council should have added "if in the eyes of the public."

My point is that there is lots of CUPE overtime going on behind the public exposure. In submitting this info to the Star's Blog, it was not posted.

15) I just read your blog it is great. I find it funny that certain councilors love to say the strike is over time to move on. I'm sure they are afraid that they owe the workers a lot of money. [Name of Councillor] loves to say time to move on. In other words we hope you all just forget about it.

16) Thank you for a great blog today, so much information, some facts I am sure none of us thought of. Your writing gives pause for thought.

Taking it all in.

You are like a Robin Hood, Superman, Lone Ranger etc, all rolled into one.

Thanks again, I hope these union officials have the guts to do the right thing.

17) If you get your hands on that CUPE list of CFIB members, that you
state in this morning's blog, could you or would you publish it?

18) I'd like to accidentally come across this list, I was searching the net but came up with nothing.

19) do you read halberstadts blog?

one of the comments "Be a gent and hold the door for mr. Arditti when he ousts you


your blogs are printed out and placed in the lunch room at City hall!!!! Famous! Reconsider running for MAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!

20) well, I agree with your opening comment today - everyday there is a new shocker on the border file! Could Matty ever have imagined the entire Ca. gov. would conspire to get rid of him just because he owned a bridge? It is unbelievable. I book I think in the making...hmmmm, who could write this book??

Think about it!

21) I started reading your Blog at the start of the CUPE strike and am hooked.

It’s refreshing to read an alternate and more realist point of view.

I can’t for the life of me figure out who “Greasie” is? I can’t seem to recall you identifying him since I’ve been reading.

On a separate note, I know many CUPE members have asked about hiring a lawyer and am prepared with some of my fellow colleagues to take action to hold the Mayor and his flock of sheep accountable for creating a strike that didn’t need to happen or drag on far too long.

22) You have a great blog I love reading your articles.

23) I thought you might like to read this. It's pretty cool

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE: Act of Kindness

I know of several managers who donated to us on the picket line and I heard there was a food drive by the managers that was brought to the union hall for our food bank. I just am overwhelmed by the generosity and kind words of the citizens in our city.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE: Act of Kindness

I agree without the support of my picketing group I don't know what I've done to cope with the stress of the strike. I now understand why we are union brothers and sisters.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE: Act of Kindness

I too would like to say thanks to the people who had me in their thoughts with Zehrs/President's Choice gift cards, Mastercards, groceries and monies, it is all overwhelming to know there are so many who care. I would also like to say a special thank you to my picketing group for everything! You guys were wonderful, couldn't have gotten through it without you, you made a difference.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE: Act of Kindness

I also received a Gift Card from anonymous. It was much appreciated.
It was heartwarming to know that someone was thinking of me and cared about my welfare. Thanks a million.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE: Act of Kindness

Dito, I received a gift card also. Our community really does come together when needed. Thank-you.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE: Act of Kindness

I would also like to jump on this band wagon as well. I received a gift card for Zehrs/President's Choice as well, words cannot express how gratefull my family & I were in receiving this special gift.

A sincere thanks for the ones who wanted to remain anonymous!!

Take care,

-----Original Message-----
Subject: RE: Act of Kindness

Wow, that is awesome! Kudos to the one who cares. I too have been the recipient of financial help from colleagues when I really, really needed it. One day, when you need it the most, I will be there for you. (You know who you are)

Many thanks,

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Act of Kindness


During the strike I received a gift card for Zehrs/President's Choice from a person who wished to remain anonomous.

Now that the strike is over, I wish to thank that person for this gift. Your act of kindness shone light on a dark moment.

You did good.

24) Ed, do we know who owns the other 100 acres at Brighton Beach?

Come on - are you withholding information?

25) [RE Jr vs the Brister] LOL This is hilarious! I would so enjoy watching that debate. But this issue needs to be kept within council walls. Let 'em go at it with the Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots! Work off the testosterone level, leave the pride in another room. All better..

And these are the people running the city?? No wonder the strike went on for so long.

Honestly Ed, I must thank you for introducing me to politics. I hated politics before you came along; now it's my Joke of the Day :)

26) It is not right that misbehaviour has no repercussions other than elections 4 years down the road.

Here is the website to ask why not and also to request "Right of Recall" be put into the Municipal Elections Act.

Or you can contact the Minister directly to ask about it.

Let's not go 4 more years with people like we wound up with as mayor & council this time. The time to act is now.

27) Thanks for still being the positive voice for us. As a CUPE member (and the girl who emailed you about becoming mayor, and yelled it at the meeting) LOL! I value your continued information!! Your blog has become a part of my daily routine. I would, as many others did, print out your blogs and we would read them at the meeting at the start of our picket shift. It always gave us a laugh, or some hope or even helped us to remain strong during those weeks out on the line.

You rock sunshine!!

28) Ed good blog. Can't build a bridge to no where? Windsor Wyandotte east. It's beautiful. They should have fixed College Ave same money.

Windsor doesn't run the Tunnel well how can they think they know anything about the bridge. You are on the money Ed. The USA will back out and not double their plazas etc. Take care.