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Friday, August 28, 2009

I Was #10 On The List

Who says my BLOGGING is not appreciated by some powerful people in the Conservative Party! After all, I used to play in party politics when I was much younger and knew some key movers and shakers from all the parties who are still influential.

According to my inside moles in Ottawa, apparently I almost made the gravy train list this time. They were looking to appoint someone from the alternative media to shake up the Parliamentary Press Gallery types:
  • "Harper appoints nine new senators"

If only I had offered my assistance to the Prime Minister sooner about Matty and how to deal with the US, and President Obama in particular. NAFTA-gate is still a problem for him.

Oh I am aware that I ruffled feathers in the Nation's Capital with a viewpoint that is not the accepted one of certain people.

  • "At the time, few knew whether From Correct to Inspired: A Blueprint for Canada-U.S. Engagement, would have much bearing on the Harper government's approach to North America. A product of Carleton University's Centre for Trade Policy and Law, the blueprint was delivered on the eve of President Obama's inauguration. It counselled the government to exclude Mexico from some policy discussions in hopes of cozying up closer to the United States.

    Experts across the continent say the report has made a deep impression on the Harper government's approach to continental affairs... And not everyone is happy with the results."

There is no doubt that they have prevented the PM from reading and then acting on the advice that I have Blogged to the huge detriment of the Party, the Government and the Nation.

They were so jealous and caused the Party considerable angst.

But it is all good now. After the humbling that the PM took from the Obama snub, I bet that he is open to new ideas. In fact, I expect a complete review to be undertaken of why the policies failed and what can be done to salvage the situation!

That means that I am a natural to be right at the top of the list next time after he follows my advice successfully!

Heck, I can give him a precedent of which a certain former winning Conservative Prime Minister and some of Harper's people now are quite aware that he can support fully and can lead to another smashing election win. The timing is perfect. Isn't there a big party coming up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the election of Brian Mulroney's first majority government!

It's either that, or I go and see IGGY. Perhaps with a reference from Dwight, an Honourable man who was on his leadership team and is a possible Federal Liberal candidate, he could appoint me to the Senate when he becomes PM in the next election! I have a few ideas for him if he has the time.

Senator BLOGMEISTER. Doesn't that have such a nice ring to it?

PS. I see Michael Wilson is now going. Finally.

  • "Gary Doer: Canada's new man in Washington

    The likeable and long-time NDP premier of Manitoba will serve as Canada's next ambassador to the United States."

And who but Senator Blogmeister has been arguing for that for ages. It's nice to see that Stephen is listening to me now and so quickly too.