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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Has The State Of The City Come To This

Our Mayoral lion. Our Champion. The person who is our leader, our Saviour.
  • "2009 State of the City Address

    Mayor Francis presented his 2009 State of the City Address at the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.
Too bad no one told the Chamber members---or the public---that this was the purpose of the luncheon

Polling is no longer necessary when the Mayor in effect admits that he dare not meet with Windsorites unless it is in an absolutely controlled environment with little advance notice. When the usual Mayor's Luncheon speech turns into the State of The City speech. When what before was presented at no cost to listen to now requires a substantial payment.

How far he has fallen in so short a time.

I do not know if Councillors were in attendance since the Star story does not say but who cares anyway. They are irrelelvant.

I guess that our Mayor was afraid to hold it at the Cleary this year. Afraid of the public reaction. Afraid for fear that the CUPE members might picket. Afraid that he would get the same reaction he got at the East End Arena.

He did not have to worry so much for the Chamber session. The CUPE members on strike for about 2 months could not have afforded the $45 for the lunch.

Nor would most Windsorites waste that much money either!

Is it any wonder that the Mayor is so out of touch.