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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bon Voyage Eddie

Enjoy your trip to Greece. I do wonder why you have to be away so long. Didn't you do an overnighter to Europe before? Why not now?

I know that you and your travel companion will be working hard on our behalf. So sorry that those troublesome, pesky CUPE strikers did not knuckle under but them's the breaks.

Seriously, don't worry when you leave tomorrow. The Councillors will not settle the strike while you are away or do a deal with the Province re the DRIC road. As for the Bridge Company, I am sure that no homes on Indian Road will come tumbling down either.

Just give them that stern look of yours, make them sign another affidavit and everything will be ok until you get back.

Mind you, I have heard about the ingenious scheme that a certain Councillor has thought up...