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Monday, June 22, 2009

Rewriting PRB Motion History

That is what is in the Minutes of Council as to what happened last week re PRBs and Councillors.

It is NOT correct! It creates an incorrect record unless it is changed to what really happened. Who would ever know in the future? I wrote to the City Clerk asking for a correction.

Check out Chris Schurr's BLOG to watch and listen for yourself to what took place at Council and see what I mean

Eddie's answer to Percy's question demonstrates that the Minutes entry is wrong. The Mayor's Motion only applied to the "and further" section of the previous By-law. As the Mayor said in the answer, for a Councillor who has 4 terms and an OMERS pension, he/she still gets the PRBs

In fact, if this is what happened, then PART-TIME Councillors get their PRBs immediately and they can NEVER be taken away! An even better deal than now for newly-elected Councillors.

What is neat about this as well is that the Mayor's name is not set out as the one who really introduced this in the first place. For procedural reasons, he did not do so because he was in the Chair. No one can in the future, unless they remember what happened,