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Friday, June 19, 2009

Protecting A Journalist's Sources

Oh my, things are going to get interesting around here.

And why we need a strong media presence in this City.

  1. "Mayor Eddie Francis promised an internal probe"

  2. "The hunt is on to find the “free agent” who torpedoed talks in the city strike by violating a media blackout and leaking to reporters what were purported to be the latest offers and counter-offers in the 10-week-old impasse.

    “I think an investigation has to be undertaken,” said Ward 4 Coun. Bill Marra, who advised his colleagues Thursday morning that he had faxed a complaint to the city’s new integrity commissioner, Earl Basse.

    “I took it upon myself to file a complaint and trigger an investigation independent of city hall, independent of city council.”

  3. "The leaked details were first reported by Daryl Newcombe of A Channel News Wednesday night."
All this fuss and muss over a leak.

Wait, I got it. I know how the strike can be settled. It is the only way!

Daryl can become the one who settles the strike. He could threaten to reveal all unless the parties settled their dispute within, say 7 days!

Imagine the pressure that would put the parties under because no one is entirely sure who leaked what! Who would want to be accused of being the "free agent."

If they settled the strike, it would make the Labour Board complaint moot and who would care then who the leakor was.

Here is one thing I noticed in all of the stories that I found very interesting over PRBs and Council members.

Here is what CUPE claimed:

Here is what Eddie claimed:

  • "Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Mayor Eddie Francis's bid Monday to do away with post-retirement benefits for politicians drew an angry response from union leaders representing striking city workers...

    Francis later told reporters the idea to seek a repeal of the post-retirement benefits for elected officials, approved in a bylaw in 2003, came to him earlier that day. He said it was in response to CUPE advertisements and recent union leadership statements asking why such benefits are good for politicians but not for employees."

It is in the interests of everyone to resolve this matter now before things get totally out of control. I can foresee massive lawsuits coming unless it is done quickly!