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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dumb Move Or Not

Who plans strategy for CUPE?

After that nice ad that they ran, did they completely lose the momentum with a story suggesting that the Union was so desperate that they had to target the Mayor's home, wife and family! That just gives support to the Mayor's claim that his wife's business was threatened and loses support for the Union. What a foolish move.

I am sure that CUPE can argue that their members' lives and families are being hurt by the strike too. If the Mayor can threaten them, they will argue, why can't they reciprocate:
  • "Fox invited Prince to visit the union hall. “I understand how Michelle feels, but if she’d like to come and sit in our office for even one day, and see the hardship that has been put on 2,000 families..."

To my mind at least, CUPE overstepped badly. They crossed the line.

BUT is there something more going on that would give rise to such a drastic step?

Take a look at this video especially at the 20 second mark. The question that needs to be asked and answered is whether the Mayor said what Ryan alleged. If he did, then what is one to think the real reason for the strike is? If he did not, then why did Ryan make the claim. If it is wrong, then he ought to be made to apologize. Eddie should go after him:

To be serious, this is a matter that requires immediate investigation. The truth or falsity of the claim could bring this strike to a quick conclusion.

A few thoughts on the Star story and photo gallery online:
  • What is it with Windsor drivers including the police....does everyone now park facing in the wrong direction
  • Is that the way a car should be parked, sticking out into the roadway
  • Amazing, only one police car that rushed to the Mayor's home and it took so long too to come. Where was the SWAT team?
  • It looks more like the police car is protecting the car in the driveway. I am not sure what brand it is but it does not look like it was manufactured in North America. Junior and Senior will be so disappointed.
  • I thought I counted 9 people in the Star gallery photos, the Star originally said about 20 people were in attendance, Michelle has it to about 25.
  • "Prince said the picketers marched and made “their usual comments that they yell every day when he gets to work. " However, a neighbour who lives a couple houses to the north in the 3600 block of Huntington Avenue said "the pickets promised not to shout. “Whether they did or not..." If they had I am sure she would have been upset that they broke their word to her and would have mentioned it to the reporter.
  • The Mayor's wife said the picketers had a "mob mentality." Jean Fox described "the picket as “very peaceful, very quiet.”

Here's my problem though with all of this. Here are the key lines in the whole story:

  • "The CUPE members dispersed after about 20 minutes. A Windsor police sergeant arrived a few minutes later, only to find the pickets were gone."

They came and went so quickly. It was hardly worthwhile setting up the picket line.

Tell me, who called the Police and the Star and when? How could the Star possibly have a photographer there at about 8:30 AM while the CUPE members were picketing and even before as one photo appeared to show unless he/she was nearby at the exact moment. Assuming that someone called the Police and the Star, who could find a photographer and get him/her to Eddie's house in 20 minutes from downtown so early in the morning.

Do not tell me that the police would only send one Police car if the Mayor's wife felt so threatened about “mob mentality” and that Eddie would take off leaving his wife to cope with all of this by herself. It must have taken longer for the Police to get there than the Star photographer! The police officer missed seeing the picketers completely.

The Star may need a new photographer as well since the Faces of the picketers are so blurry. Mind you the Police car shot is nice and clear.

It is all so mysterious to me. So many unanswered questions. Par for the course though isn't it!