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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amber Alert: Greenlink Missing

Windsor Police are actively seeking help from the public to try and locate the border road known as Greenlink. It has been missing for some time. Please do NOT call City Hall since no one is around to answer the phones. Call 1-800-FIND-GREENLINK with tips.

No monetary reward is being offered given the fragile condition of the Windsor economy but the one who provides the information that leads to the recovery of Greenlink will be able to sit beside the Mayor at the next Council meeting provided CUPE strikers are not in the Chambers again!


An award-winning "Made-in-Windsor" solution designed by foreign consultants consisting of a partially tunnelled 6 lane road that was designed to make it appear as if the Mayor and Council actually wanted to link communities, save the health of people especially children, give us hundreds of acres of parkland, and make us an international tourist site all at about the cost of a "cheap" and inferior solution.

Last significant public appearance

ACEC New York 2009 Engineering Excellence Dinner Dance, April 4, 2009.

From Gord Henderson:

  • "The irony, from Windsor's perspective, is that Mayor Eddie Francis will be in Manhattan tonight to join the Sam Schwartz firm at a black-tie gala of the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York where Green- Link will be given a Diamond award for its innovative design.

    Good enough to win awards in New York State. But not good enough for the folks in charge of laying asphalt in Ontario, the ones who can't figure out how to keep service centres open on our most important highway."

Last known meal

Eaten in New York City:

Last Federal Interest, May 7

"In other words, those holding their breath waiting for a decision on the border can exhale. It's clearly been made.

There's nothing left holding it up but the sideshow at city hall over GreenLink.

Asked about GreenLink, the city's attempt to extract further job- creation concessions from upper governments, Baird said the dispute was between the city and the province and has nothing to do with the feds..."

Suspicious indicators

---no photo in the Star of Eddie and Sam getting the award

---lack of Greenlink decals on new Windsor Police cars

---Gord Henderson's description of what project people in the future will remember about this era. No mention of Greenlink whatsoever but only of a ditch downtown beside the river:

  • "The hotel chain, which had promised jobs and investment, left town in a huff. And Windsor, with Weeks at the helm, began its march toward the finest riverfront park in the country. Little wonder Coun. Percy Hatfield is so passionate about seeing this downtown canal project move forward...

    Previous Windsor generations had the brains and imagination to build Jackson Park and develop our riverfront park system during difficult economic times.

    I don't know about you. But I want to see something equally worthy passed forward to our descendants. I want to believe I'm living in a city that can see beyond sidewalks and potholes."
People of Interest

The Premier, Sandra and Dwight

Lingering question

Was Greenlink ever for real or was it an expensive figment of someone's imagination designed so far for reasons unknown but suspected!