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Friday, May 22, 2009

E1F1 Flu Pandemic Spreading; May Claim Another Victim

There is no need to panic. There is no need to wear a surgical mask to cover your mouth to prevent the germs from invading your body. There is no need to wash your hands to prevent the infection from spreading.

There are only two known people so far who have caught the E1F1 flu and both have vanished from public view after soundly being defeated. There is a great fear however that a third victim may catch it as well and suffer the same fate!

The WHO and CDC may be stumped but the BLOGMEISTER is not. I have recognized that there is a common denominator. The Eddie Francis flu only seems to strike Ontario Progressive Conservative or Federal Conservative leaders so members of the public need not be alarmed. Only those who are in charge federally or who might want to lead the party in Ontario and who think that Eddie should be a team member need take extreme precautions.

Does anyone remember former PC Premier Ernie Eves. I thought not.
  • “Mayor Eddie Francis is rumoured to be using the municipal election as a "tune-up" for the provincial election next fall in which he would run as a star candidate for the Progressive Conservatives, rival mayoral candidate Dr. David Wonham is charging…

    He [Francis] said he hasn't even been approached recently by any political party because people know he is committed to the mayor's job.

    The same rumours -- that he was going to "pick up and go" -- were circulated before the last election, he said. Francis was reported to have been courted by then-premier Ernie Eves, then-finance minister Janet Ecker and other Tories to run for the party in Windsor-St. Clair.”

John Tory….how many times did this man lose out as Leader of the Ontario PC Party until he got dumped. He too came to Windsor to court the Mayor

  • “It is "scandalous" that the provincial government has not done more to help Windsor through the city's current economic crisis, Ontario PC Leader John Tory said Thursday.

    Tory, who did not visit Windsor during the provincial election campaign in the fall, came to the city Thursday to call for border improvements and economic aid for the area, as he faces mounting criticism of his leadership…

    Tory met with Mayor Eddie Francis for about an hour, speaking mostly about the border. But Tory said he also asked Francis about his plans for three years down the line, given that the mayor has publicly said he will not run for a third term. Tory noted that Conservatives closed the gap on Liberals locally during the recent provincial election.

    Francis, however, said he has too much work ahead of him in Windsor to think about what he will do after giving up the mayor's chair. "

Is it purely co-incidence? I think not.

Now it is starting all over again and the Federal Conservative leader, Stephen Harper may be the next victim. Fortunately, the Conservatives do have some smart “medical” people on their team who are prepared to try any tactic to save their Leader’s political life. They are hoping and praying that the cure for the E1N1 flu is to mount a vicious attack on the new Liberal leader, IGGY. In this way, come the next election, he will have been discredited the way they did it with former Liberal leader Dion. Unfortunately, this tactic will not work and will only build up IGGY's immunity against E1F1.

The Conservatives can only hope that the Prime Minister has NOT been infected yet because there is no known cure. His failure to come to Windsor last Friday and his trip to Kenora instead may have saved his political life.

Here are the symptoms of the E1F1 flu for all to see:

  •  Eddie’s move from a home in the East End to one in South Windsor. A shrewd move knowing he could not beat Joe Comartin or Dwight Duncan who would run if Joe retired but that he could easily beat the NDP’s Brian Masse if he could get the Ward 1 vote out.
  •  Eddie being Windsor’s saviour on the border file so that people from all parties can vote for him on a non-partisan basis so he can continue the fight on our behalf in Ottawa
  •  Brian’s realization that he was used on Bill C-3 and made to look the fool by his failure to get any of the significant amendments that Eddie requested. Most were ruled “inadmissible.”
  •  Brian’s lukewarm support of Greenlink, being more concerned that people get a considerable amount of expropriation money if the DRIC Road was to be built. He could figue out that Greenlink was a loser
  •  Brian finally understanding the significance of the move after being Eddie’s friend for so long. He finally understood that his seat was in the cross-hairs and so criticized the canal money being offered to Windsor although he did not mention Eddie by name, yet. Brian is a survivor and has the ability to smell out political campaign issues before most people
  •  The enemies Watson and Francis being newest and bestest friends with Watson grading Eddie as A+
  •  Watson helping out Eddie on getting canal money
  •  Minister John Baird virtually ready to pay an exorbitant amount for Brighton Beach and suggesting that there was still canal money available
  •  Eddie praising the Feds and taking every opportunity to slam the Province
  •  Local Liberals claiming that Eddie’s denouncing of the Provincial Liberals means that he wants a Cabinet position in a Federal Conservative Government. After all, the public does not distinguish between Federal and Provincial Liberals.

However, dear reader, the symptom above all symptoms is the Windsor Star Editorial last Saturday:

  • “Border file---Paul Martin's promise”

PAUL MARTIN!!! What has he got to do with anything? He has not been Prime Minister for eons and has had no involvement in the border file for years now. Why the heck was his name dragged into the debate again? Why wasn’t Harper named?

Of course, the obvious explanation is that this is a lead-in to an attack on the Provincial Liberals. However, it will also turn subsequently into an attack on IGGY and the Federal Liberals for not standing up for Windsor as Eddie and the Conservatives are doing. As Gord gushed recently:

  • "Fortunately, the Stephen Harper government, with Essex MP Jeff Watson a surprisingly effective point man, appears willing to overlook Windsor's schoolyard squabbles.

    Pathologically loathed in Windsor, this regime has forked over a fortune to rescue Ford's Essex Engine plant, has given Windsor everything it asked for on the border file and has coughed up billions to save Chrysler and GM operations critical to this area.

Do you see what I mean. As the Star wrote at the end of its Editorial to re-inforce the point:

  • “Still, the words of Paul Martin continue to haunt us. "Fundamentally, this is going to have to be a decision that is made in the best interest of the people of Windsor," he said on that March day in 2004.

    Why isn't the goal the same in May 2009?”

Take that Sandra Pupatello or Joyce Zuk if you are thinking in running in Windsor West. The Star with their Ottawa connections knows there will be an election soon, probably in the fall, with the IGGY attacks and the billions of infrastructure dollars being handed out across Canada.

Don’t you dare think of running for the Liberals because you might split the Ward 1 vote and allow Brian to sneak back in. The Star will crucify you starting now. The federal election campaign has started for Eddie already.

You can just feel the Eminence Greasie’s presence masterminding all of this.

Would Harper and Francis be a good pair? Hardly since they are both micro-managers, want absolute control and are ultra-secretive. Moreover, Eddie would want Harper's good friend's position of Transport Canada Minister so he can be the infrastructure goodies distributor to get name recognition across Canada quickly. It would be a conflict from Day 1 since Eddie’s objective would be to take over Harper’s job!

Unfortunately, the E1F1 flu may have damaged the common sense side of Harper’s brain and not permitted Harper to understand that he is being suckered in. Eddie won’t dare run unless he knows he has a slamdunk. He also knows he would be destroyed in Ottawa by his own bureaucracy who would play the game of tolerating him by overloading him with details so he could not make decisions and the Opposition who would "blame" him for everything in Question Period.

Eddie just wants money from Ottawa, nothing else. It pays well being Windsor’s Mayor and without opposition too. Unless Harper learns this quickly, he will be another E1F1 flu Conservative victim.