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Thursday, May 07, 2009

DRIC Bridge Not To Be Completed Until 2015

Story I first saw reported on Eh-Channel News at 6 PM tonight.

Hmmm what excuse will there be now for stalling the Ambassador Bridge's Enhancement project!

No wonder I am being stalled on documents. Minister Baird's comments today as reported in the AMERICAN Free Press now ring hollow. This Government is a disgrace:

  • In an interview with the Free Press and in his prepared remarks, Baird emphasized the need for a new border crossing and said his government was “unwavering” in its support for the planned Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) project, to be built about two miles downriver from the existing Ambassador Bridge.

    He also noted that alternative proposals, like Moroun’s plan to build a new span next to his Ambassador Bridge, were unacceptable for environmental and other reasons.

    “Let me assure you: This crossing will be owned by governments and will be subject to rigorous public oversight to ensure the public interest is safeguarded,” Baird’s prepared remarks, supplied in advance to the Free Press, said. “And what it will be is accountable to governments.”

    “This is the biggest, most important infrastructure project in the country,” Baird said in the interview of the DRIC project. “We’re moving full speed ahead.”