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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

$48M And Counting

Gee, I am starting to really like Ron Jones. Perhaps if I am nice to him he will read my BLOG again. After all, I have praised him twice in a few days:
  • "Council has yet to begin debate on the canal district proposal, but Coun. Ron Jones said he’s already heard enough to know he won’t be supporting it.

    “It’s not going to fly … it’s a pipe dream,” said Jones...

    He’s angry at how Mayor Eddie Francis has handled the file since the concept was first unveiled last summer, and he dismisses the privately funded “nice, glossy report” handed councillors Monday night.

    “It’s my ward — I haven’t been consulted. I’m just tired of it,” said Jones."

I have only seen part of the report---I am only a taxpayer after all---that the Star showed on its website. Hmmmm I wonder how they got it.

The relevant portion on costs is shown above. The $48m figure is a mere guestimate. It does not include land acquisitons, financing, contingencies and the huge increases in costs in Windsor as projects are stalled.

It is all a phony....It is designed as I have said before to get money into Windsor's hands by pretending a canal will be built. Other cities would be furious otherwise.

Why waste any more time with it! We have more important concerns to deal with than to waste hours on dreams!

No wonder the Mayor was afraid to release the Report in advance. He would have been laughed out of the meeting room!


Here is an email I sent to the Feds this morning asking for some additional information. I will BLOG the answer when I get it. Or rather, IF I get it!
  • I would appreciate if you would provide me with the following information:

    1) Did the responsible Department officials under the Infrastructure funding program look at projects before the deadline of May 1 and in particular, those of the City of Windsor
    2) If the answer is yes, which specific Windsor projects were looked at and what comments were made about the projects
    3) Does the Government program require Provincial Government involvement
    4) If so, has the Province submitted projects along with the City of Windsor yet
    5) What was the cost of the Walker Road underpass project
    6) Is it the Government's position that what MP Jeff Watson said to Windsor Council as quoted in the Star is correct:
    "Watson practically guaranteeing Ottawa's approval should Windsor submit a marina-canal application"
    7) Will Minister Baird, since he will be in Windsor today, announce the purchase of Brighton Beach
    8) Will he confirm that the Government will fund the canal project?

    I would appreciate the information so that I may BLOG your answers this afternoon.

I asked about Walker Road because it was relatively simple compared with building a canal. That project took a relatively long period of time and closed down that street to traffic causing disruptions.

Wikipedia stated:

  • "The project began on August 7, 2007 and was slated to cost about $50M with construction to last 16-18 months."

You need to tell me how a canal will be built for $48M and to meet the deadline imposed when projects are to be completed when we are only at the concept stage!

What is really going on here?