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Monday, May 04, 2009

What Is Eddie’s Agenda

It should be clear now that Eddie treats Windsorites and Council in the same manner----as if we do not exist and do not matter. Only his opinion counts. Only he knows and no one else needs to be in the loop unless he chooses to allow it. Only he controls information because that gives him the power.

He took to heart what ex-Mayor Mike Hurst said years ago when Eddie was still a Councillor after Hurst introduced his Made-in-Windsor border solution
  • “Hurst said that as mayor his mandate is to look at the overall picture that will be of most benefit to the city.

    "Councillors don't have to do that but the mayor does," said Hurst.

That comment helped end Hurst’s mayoral career! However, at the least, Hurst told his Council about his proposal but in a secret in camera meeting. Ironically, Eddie was one of the leaders of the charge against Hurst along with Councillor Valentinis!

Checks and balances under the Municipal Act? The Council’s role is

  • “to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the municipality.”

How can that apply if Councillors are not told anything by the Mayor!

Eddie’s actions that were revealed by Councillor Halberstadt’s cross-examination of Jeff Watson are shameful. If Premier McGuimty had included “right of recall” provisions when he added one year to the Council term in office, we would have had thousands of signatures already to recall the Mayor!

If you think, dear reader, that Eddie’s actions had anything to do with a canal, then you are mistaken. It has to do with something else. What that is, who knows except that it probably has to do with the border. That is part of Minister Baird's responsibility as head of Transport Canada along with Infrastructure. All I know is that if Jeff Watson can say his relationship with Eddie ranks as “A+” then you can almost be rest assured that some deal has been made.

Will that deal, if there is one, be good for Windsor? Who knows! Eddie's border decisions do not leave me with much confidence.

Here is how the political game is played. Guess what the Province got in return when Eddie received the $3.2M backstop for the Red Bull air race sponsorship. I am certain you can guess as well as I can but watch as it plays itself out.

I have sent the following Email to Jeff Watson and a similar one to the Canadian Government:

  • “Please provide me forthwith with copies of all records exchanged amongst you, the City of Windsor, the Mayor's Office and the relevant Ontario and Canadian Government Departments in relation to the Government's infrastructure program over the last three months. I would appreciate receipt especially of all records from Minister Baird's office and that of the Prime Minister and from those who provided you the information so that the Star could quote:

    ---"Watson practically guaranteeing Ottawa's approval should Windsor submit a marina-canal application"

    ---"He said his reason for wanting to meet with the local politicians Friday was to point out that more than half of a preliminary list of Windsor projects submitted Wednesday -- $96 million of a $182 million total -- were "questionable" in terms of meeting Ottawa's funding approval criteria"

    ---Watson said, adding Windsor could expect to receive approval for at least $150 million in stimulus project approval."

    I assume that you will provide these documents voluntarily and immediately. As you are aware, I can obtain these records through an Access To Information request through the various Government Departments and by a Windsor MFOI application by requesting the records that were sent to you.

    Will you please advise when I may see these materials.

    I intend to BLOG this email to you and your response.”

However, there is more. Councillors must act and take the approporiate action respecting the Mayor. He cannot be allowed to rule as if he is immune from what the City’s Code of Conduct requires.

If any Councillor, or if all of them refuse to take any direct action against the Mayor at Council tonight, then at the next election, that Councillor ought to be kicked out of Office or all of them if it comes to that!

It is that important for Democracy in Windsor.

Interestingly, no Star Editorial about the subject so far. Why not?