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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Outside Lawyers' Pension Fund Contributions

I am thrilled that Windsorites are ensuring that Toronto lawyers will be well-looked after in their senior years. Our contributions through legal fees are greatly appreciated I am certain. And Windsor lawyers are doing well too so the City is not discriminating against them either.

Be fair now.....Private enterprise lawyers have to keep up with Judges who are hoping to get "a salary of close to $307,000. As it is, the judges have already enjoyed a 48-per-cent wage increase since 1999."

Here's a lawsuit shocker above that I have never heard of. I don't remember hearing about it from the City or the Windsor Tunnel Commission either. It's part of the Tunnel roll-over deal package.

DWT (Detroit Windsor Tunnel LLC) is owned by Alinda who is the Tunnel operator.

I wonder what it is all about. It looks like there is a very serious and costly dispute going on between the parties. How much money is involved, I have no idea. However, if DWT has been holding back Tunnel toll revenues for almost a year, we are obviously talking many millions of dollars.

Justice Winkler has a background in Tunnel matters:
  • "He has also acted as a judicial mediator for large multi-party disputes including the... Windsor-Michigan Tunnel dispute."
Here is another lawsuit that will start soon at a cost of more millions by the time it is done.

This will be the basis of the claim against the Senior Levels. What else do you think the Greenlink ad blitz was all about---getting the road? Don't be so silly. The City cannot afford to keep it up.

It was published in the Greenlink ad in the Star and is partof the Greenlink mailer.

When the Senior Levels say they want the DRIC road, it means that they did not listen to Windsor. sue them. Can you imagine if they dare make their road announcement before Eddie's deadline passes. OMG! The Statements of Claim will be flying!

It is not Eddie saying to start the legal fight; it is YOU, dear reader, with all of your Greenlink mailers sent back. I hear that Councillor Brister is the star collector bringing in hundreds of them so far. Eddie will be so proud of him! The Mayor and Council are merely doing what you told them. How can they be blamed for spending more of taxpayer money?

What the heck, we do not need 15,000 jobs when we have all of those trees and flowers to plant to tart up our City entrance-ways.

OK....those are the News Tips of the Week for the traditional media to follow-up on! Do I win the prize?